About Classic Control Menu 1.1

This small application does nothing but adding a menu in the menubar to control the Classic Environment (Start, Stop and Open prefs).

Requires Mac OS X 10.2 only.

Localized in: Dutch, Japanese, Italian, French, English, Spanish and German.

For developers: The application is a bundle and contains an extension called "Statusitem.bundle" which is needed to create the menu. So if you want to change the application and compile it just open the bundle and place the new executable file into the Contents/MacOS/ folder.

Some notes:

The localization and the idea is based on a menu extra called "Classic Spy 2.1.2" which does nearly the same job. This application shows how to do this in Realbasic.

This application is freeware and provided as is.

Making donations

This application is considered donation-ware (uncrippled shareware). If you find it indispensable, please consider making a donation.

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If you'd rather not use PayPal, you can send something to me directly at:
Christian Schmitz, Plaidter Straße 31a, 56645 Nickenich, Germany

Source code

You find the Realbasic project file in the download. You can watch the source code online:

Classic Control Menu 1.0 Source code


ClassicControlMenu.dmg1.1MApplication for Mac OS X and source code
ClassicControlMenu.sit1.1MApplication for Mac OS X and source code

New in version 1.1

New in version 1.0

Written for my brother Fabian who asked me for such a menu.

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