Follow Mouse 2.1

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This simple fun tool to show a colored tail on the mouse cursor. Just try it.

It is an example project on what you can do with Realbasic and the MBS Plugins on using Quartz compositing with overlay windows.

Requires Mac OS X 10.4 and performes better if you have Quartz Extreme.

You can choose the tail color, the layer where it's drawn, the update frequency in updates per second, the segment counts and whether the tail automatically goes away.

This application is freeware and provided as is.

New stuff added in version 2.1:

New stuff added in version 2.0:

New stuff added in version 1.1:

First release 1.0:


Making donations

This application is considered donation-ware (uncrippled shareware). If you find it indispensable, please consider making a donation.

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Please pick a value and purchase the quantity you like. This goes through share-it to make sure any required sales tax is collected.

In US Dollar:

If you'd rather not use PayPal, you can send something to me directly at:
Christian Schmitz, Plaidter Straße 31a, 56645 Nickenich, Germany



in action with 200 segments, 200 for frequency and auto disappearing:


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