Multiple Picture Viewer 2.0

An utility for just showing the different pictures from one picture file.

This application was requested by one of the users in the newsgroups I read. It's not doing much, but it shows Realbasic developers how to use the QuickTime Graphics Importer to display the different pictures in a TIFF file.

You can copy the pictures to clipboard or export them into a new picture file.

QuickTime is required.

Making donations

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MultiplePictureViewerMacOSX.sit804 KBApplication for Mac OS X 10.2 and source code
MultiplePictureViewerMac.sit648 KBApplication for Mac OS 8 (or newer) and source code
MultiplePictureViewerWin.zip512 KBApplication for Windows 95 (or newer) and source code

New stuff added in version 2.0:

New stuff added in version 1.0:

MultiplePictureViewer running with a picture from a digital camera which has also a preview embedded:


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