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MBS FileMaker Plugin 5.0

We develop FileMaker plug-ins for Mac OS X and Windows.

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The MBS is easily the most powerful plug-in available for FileMaker today. There are over 3,000 functions that allow FileMaker developers to extend their solutions in some amazing ways. Each function does a little task and in their combination you can unleash the full power of our plugin. To learn how to use them together, please check our reference and our more than 300 example databases. A quick overview:

And a log of more stuff like Container utility functions. If you miss something, please email us and we may add another function for you.

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Download the MBS FileMaker Plugin

Mac Mac OS X


( 124M )

Windows Windows

( 128M )

Installation.pdf   Individual files   Alpha and Beta releases

Tutorial videos

ThumbnailFileMaker, AppleScript and iChat

Example project source code
AppleScriptChat project files
(Mac OS X)

4:09 minutes
ThumbnailFileMaker WebView

Example project source code
FilemakerCurrency project and database files
(Mac OS X)

7:45 minutes
ThumbnailFileMaker Window Transitions

(Mac OS X)

1:26 minutes

For more examples see the other videos


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System requirements

The Plugin requires Mac OS X 10.6 or Windows XP.

FileMaker version 8.5 to 13 is supported with current plugins.

Last version with PowerPC support was version 2.4. This version also supported FileMaker 7 to 8.5 in PPC.

The plugin runs locally on a FileMaker installation or on a server installation. If you use Instant Web Publishing or FileMaker to Go, the plugin still needs to be run on the server, but results can be viewer on browser or iOS devices.

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