MBS FileMaker Plugin Pricing

New licenses include free updates for one year!

The serial number you receive when your purchase the plug-in will be valid for the version of the plug-in that you purchased, plus all versions that are released for one year after the purchase date. In other other words, you get free updates for one year.

If you would like to continue to get upgrades after the initial year, you will need to extend your license by buying an update. If you renew within one year, the cost is 50% of the original cost. If you let your license expire, you may be required to pay full price to renew your license. Again this renewal is only required to if you want to continue to get upgrades. It is NOT required if you just want to continue to use the plug-in you originally purchased.

Links below send you to the web shop, where we encourage you to use credit card, Paypal or other online payment services. Paying in the web shop by wired bank transfer or check is not recommended as it takes often two weeks and can fail. Public authorities may contact us to purchase by invoice directly.


License Typ Price Order For who?
One to 5 seats $149 Order For using in one company for their installations of a FileMaker solution. This is what you would use for in-house development in your company.
A 5 seat license is a good start for anyone who wants to develop a few test projects.
up to 20 seats $299 Order
up to 50 seats $449 Order
up to 100 seats $599 Order
Unlimited seats $749 Order
Mobile $599 Order For use with FileMaker iOS SDK
Runtime $599 Order For using the plugin inside a runtime solution. *
Server $599 Order For using the plugin on one FileMaker Server installation.
Server 3 Pack $1499 Order For using the plugin on up to three FileMaker Server installations in one company.
Server 5 Pack $2249 Order For using the plugin on up to five FileMaker Server installations in one company.
Site $2999 Order For a site of a big cooperation with a lot of users and servers. Includes iOS and runtimes.
Enterprise Bundle $5999 Order Pro Developer or Site license + DynaPDF Pro + 2 days training
Pro Developer $2999 Order For the solution providers to deliver several solutions to several clients without the clients needing extra licenses. Works also with Server installations and Runtimes. *

Upgrade from 5 to 20 seats, 5 to 50 seats, 5 to unlimited seats, 20 to 50 seats, 20 to unlimited seats, 50 to 100 seats, 50 seats to Unlimited. Other upgrades on request.

DynaPDF can be used with our MBS Plugin. We have different editions:

License Typ Price Order For who?
DynaPDF Starter $199 Order Writing PDF files.
DynaPDF Lite $579 Order Importing & Encrypting PDF files.
DynaPDF Pro $1039 Order Rendering, Optimize & advanced features for PDF
DynaPDF Enterprise $1689 Order With library source code.
DynaPDF PDF/A Add-on for Pro/Enterprise $779 Order Convert PDF to PDF/A.
Library needed for XL functions Price
LibXL macOS $239 Order ( Update )
LibXL Windows $239 Order ( Update )
LibXL Linux $239 Order ( Update )
LibXL iOS $239 Order ( Update )
LibXL Enterprise $1399 Order ( Update )

If you need a special license or a bundle of several licenses or you feel your case is not provided with our standard licenses, please contact us.

Updates: With an update order you add 1 to 5 years to an existing license and the end date of your old license moves forward the purchased amount of time.

Server: The server license is required to run the plugin on one FileMaker Server installation for Server Scripting, WebDirect or PSoS. If you have several FileMaker Server installations for testing, deployment and development, be sure to have a plugin server license for each of them. See Plugin License Decision Graph

ProDeveloper: For our professional FileMaker developers with a vertical solution and a lot of clients, we have the Pro Developer license which simply covers all your work with your clients. This includes runtimes, iOS and server installations.

Runtime: The runtime license allows a commercial solution developer to redistribute the plug-in along within a runtime. The customer using your solution is not allowed to see your license key. A separate license is required for each product offered by the developer.

Royalty Free: All licenses are royalty-free. Whether you sell a solution to one customer or to a thousand customers does not make a difference on the license price as long as the customer cannot access the licence key and use it externally to your application.

DynaPDF: For all orders of DynaPDF licenses, we pass your contact data for the order to DynaForms GmbH for creating license key and they will send you emails about new releases, newsletters and the license keys. Please carefully read this to decide which license you need: About DynaPDF Editions, from Starter to Enterprise

If you need libXL licenses, you can order them here: for Windows (Update), for macOS (Update), for Linux (Update), for iOS (Update) or for enterprises the cross-platform license. (Update)

Terminal server: If you use Citrix, Windows Terminal Server or other products for providing FileMaker in a company, you may need more seats, best an unlimited license to avoid problems.

Academic: You can contact us for a non-commercial license with a discounted purchase price for academic usage, e.g. students. Proof of status required.

* You have to hide the serial number from the users. So put in the startup script and disallow the user to see this script.

If you need to make a longer test without being in demo mode, you can request a trial license.

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