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Format REALbasic project for printing

This website can format you a REALbasic project file. Simply export your project to an xml file and choose it in the form below. Our script will do the same as we do with our example projects and outputs a simple html page you can use for printing or publishing.

Choose an REAL Studio xml project file to upload:

An example how it looks like:


Class App
Inherits Application
// Constants
Const kFileQuitShortcut = Ctrl+Q
Const kFileQuit = E&xit
Const kEditClear = &Delete

// Event implementations
Sub Open()
dim i as integer

if System.Gestalt("sysv",i) then
// System.DebugLog "sysv "+hex(i)
if i<&h1050 then
MsgBox "Warning: This application works only with Mac OS X 10.5."
end if
end if
End Sub
End Class

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