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Please update to 12.x plugins if you plan to build web apps in Real Studio.

Web Apps

With REAL Studio 2010r5 you get the new Web Edition and there you can create applications for running on an internet server. Our plugins support the Web Edition and we have a couple of sample web applications here to show:

If an app does not work currently, please come back later.

Creating your own Web Apps

You need Real Studio 2010r5 or newer. And that's all you need. Of course if you want to use our plugins for e.g. creating a PDF or chart, you need to install the plugin into the Real Studio plugins folder. On the plugins you need at least version 10.5. Even better the latest Prerelease Plugins.

Real Studio as well as our plugins come with several web application example projects.

Hosting your own Web Apps

If you look for a hosting solution like me, you can check out the jiffybox. This is from domainfactory, the provider which hosts my websites, so I'm quite happy that they offer an on demand virtual server.

Jiffybox costs you in the cheapest variant 0.02 Eurocents per hour. That's less than 15 Euro per month for a virtual server with 1 GB RAM, 50 GB hard disc, 2 CPU cores and root access. You can test it for 24 hours for free. And if you sign up this year, they give you a 50 Euro bonus which makes it free for more than three months.

Okay, once you got the server with e.g. a 32 bit Ubuntu, you need to install the libgtk2.0-dev package to get Real Studio applications running. Use commands like this: "app-get update" to update the package sources, "app-get upgrade" to install all updates and "apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev" to install GTK. If you have a 64 bit Linux, you need to install the ia32-libs package, too. Now you can upload your app with scp and run it with "nohup pathtoapp &" in the background.

German instructions for setup of jiffybox with CGI. / Deutsche Anleitung für die Einrichtung der Jiffybox mit CGI.

A few tipps:

First, those web apps like to use all CPU power available. I mean with a few users using them, you need to slow them down to keep the server running. So I use "renice 20 " on each of them. This way the priority of the processes is lowered and one of them can't block the server.

Next you will want to make the swap partition big enough. A Real Studio app with a leak will go until 4 GB until it crashes. If the server does not crash before. So I'm now using 10 GB for the swap partition. But currently we don't need it. 7 web apps are running and total memory usage is just 300 MB (including the LInux OS and other system applications).

Update: Installing 32 bit libraries on Ubuntu 14

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