We develop applications and libraries for Mac OS X, Mac OS Classic, Windows and Linux.

We offer:

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We develop applications for Mac OS X first as this is our main platform. As Real Studio is cross platform, we can also deliver applications for Windows, Linux and Mac OS Classic.

Custom application development

From the idea to the final product delivery and the after sale support, we can work with you to realize your project.

Plugins for Real Studio and FileMaker

Take a look on our Real Studio plugins and our FileMaker plugins.

Of course you can order custom plugins, but that is the next point:

Custom plugins, examples and projects for Real Studio

You have special needs? Tell us.

Custom scripts, plugins and examples for Filemakers

You have special needs? Tell us.

We can add custom functions for your need to our FileMaker plugin or write you a new plugin just for you. Our functions can help you improving your solutions for your customers.

Of course we can write you scripts which you can use in your solutions to use our plugins. So instead you spend a lot of time integrating a plugin function into your solution, you can order us to do this work for you.

Trainings for Real Studio

We offer trainings for Real Studio.

Basicly you can have an on site training with Christian Schmitz, who has over 10 years experience in Real Studio development.

You choose what the training is about by picking some topics.

We meet in a room with a the developers taking part in the training. After an introduction we discuss the topics of the day and start coding. In small example projects we all develop together, the participants can learn how to code an application.

Some example topics:

Training is best done in German. English is also possible. Other languages with translation help.

Website scripts

We develop scripts for websites. For example we have developed a solution to send bug reports to the develop. For this solution we need a script on the webserver to receive the bug report and email it to the developer. So here we develop the script, the Real Studio code to send the data and help adding this to the final project.

Installation of hardware/software

We offer assistance to installing software and hardware.

Solving problems with Mac OS X and Real Studio

We offer assistance to for your problems with Real Studio and/or Mac OS X.

Solving your problem may require to develop a new application. Or for Real Studio problems we may need to develop a new plugin, a new class or some functions.

Help with migration to Mac OS X

Moving an user from Windows/Linux to Mac OS X may result in some questions.

We help with custom solutions. For example we develop new software to handle your special needs. Is some utility application missing to complete your work? Maybe we can develop this utility for you.

MBS FileMaker Plugins