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ABMutableMultiValueMB class:

Class ABMutableMultiValueMB Inherits ABMultiValueMB
Function AddValueAndLabel(value as auto, label as text, byref identifier as Integer) As boolean
Adds a value and its corresponding label to a multivalue property. This function performs no type checking. It allows the addition of values whose type does not match the type declared for multiValue.
Sub Constructor(Other as ABMultiValueMB)
creates a copy
Sub Constructor(Type as Integer)
Returns a new, empty, mutable multivalue property. type: The type of the values that the new property will contain.
Sub Constructor(H as Integer, Retain as Boolean)
Create from Handle
Function InsertValueAndLabelAtIndex(value as auto, label as text, index as Integer, byref identifier as Integer) As boolean
Inserts a value and a label into a multivalue property.
Sub LabelAtIndex(Index as integer, assigns label as text)
for assignment: m.LabelAtIndex(index) = "new label"
Function RemoveValueAndLabelAtIndex(Index as integer) As boolean
Removes a value from a multivalue property.
Function ReplaceLabelAtIndex(Index as integer, label as text) As boolean
Replaces a label in a multivalue property with another label.
Function ReplaceValueAtIndex(value as auto, index as Integer) As boolean
Replaces a value in a multivalue property with another value.
Note "About"
The ABMutableMultiValue opaque type (whose objects are known as mutable multivalues) implements a mutable multivalue property—that is, a property whose value set can be modified. This opaque type extends the capabilities of ABMultiValue.
End Class
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