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NSURLConnectionMemoryMB class:

Class NSURLConnectionMemoryMB Inherits NSURLConnectionMB
Const FoundationLib = Foundation.framework
Const NSURLConnectionMemoryDelegateMBSKit = NSURLConnectionMemoryDelegateMBSKit
Event connectionDidFinishLoading() End
Event connectionDidReceiveData(data as MemoryBlock) End
Event connectionDidReceiveResponse(response as NSURLResponseMB) End
Event connectionWillSendRequest(request as NSURLRequestMB, response as NSURLResponseMB) As NSURLRequestMB End
Sub Constructor(Handle as Integer) // creates connection with given handle End
Sub Constructor(request as NSURLRequestMB) // creates connection with given request End
Sub Constructor(request as NSURLRequestMB, startImmediately as Boolean) // creates connection with given request and optionally starts it directly End
Note About
Property CollectData As Boolean
Property Data As xojo.Core.MutableMemoryBlock
End Class

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