Order a license for a MBS Xojo Plug-ins:

We offer three plug-ins packages. And the plug-ins from the MBS collection can be bought separatedly.

The following assistant will lead you to your order page:


Do you want to buy a new license or an upgrade?

New License

(If you need a new or an extra license)

Upgrade License

(to renew an existing license expired in Dec 2018 or later)

If you like to try out the MBS Xojo plug-ins you can just download them. If you want to keep using them in your applications, you need to purchase a license.

The purchase will provide you with a serial number that is valid for all MBS plug-ins released for one year after the time of purchase. To use plug-ins released after that period, you need to purchase an update which gives you a new serial number that is valid for another year. Yearly updates are priced at 50% of the current price.

You can upgrade and downgrade as you like. For details, please ask us for the exact price.

One year updates
Buying a new license today will give you 12 months of free updates!

Customized plug-ins are available upon request at common contracting rates.

After payment has been verified, an email with a serial number will be sent to you.
This can take a day or two depending on time zones and local holidays.

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