Xojo Developer Conference
25/27th April 2018 in Denver.
MBS Xojo Conference
6/7th September 2018 in Munich, Germany.

The MBS Realbasic Complete Plugin

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Complete includes all plugins except SQL, DynaPDF and ChartDirector licenses.

Price: 199 Euro plus VAT if required.


Download the MBS Xojo Plugins

Mac macOS


( 454M Mirror )

Windows Windows


( 475M Mirror )

Linux Linux


( 475M Mirror )

All archives contain the same content.

Documentation174.pdf ( 74M Mirror )

Installation.pdf ( 580K )

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Watch tutorial videos:

ThumbnailComment Web Apps

Example project source code
ChartDirector Web Apps project files
(Mac OS X, Windows and Linux)

19:18 minutes
ThumbnailObfuscate Plugins

(Mac OS X, Linux and Windows)

2:36 minutes
ThumbnailURL Scheme

Example project source code
URL Scheme project
(Mac OS X and Windows)

7:19 minutes
ThumbnailCreate a Xojo Plugin for Mac

(Mac OS X)

10:40 minutes
ThumbnailMBS Plugins Italiano

7:36 minutes
ThumbnailMBS Plugins Francaise

7:36 minutes
ThumbnailMBS Plugins Deutsch

7:41 minutes
ThumbnailMBS Plugins English

7:36 minutes
ThumbnailThe original MBS movie

16:16 minutes
ThumbnailMBS plug-in Installation


4:45 minutes
ThumbnailMBS plug-in Installation

(Mac OS X)

2:50 minutes

MBS Xojo PDF Plugins