Monkeybread Software

Software for iPhone, macOS, Linux and Windows with Xojo, C/C++/Objective-C, AppleScript, Java, Perl, PHP and HTML.

Monkeybread Software offers plug-ins for FileMaker and Xojo.

Our newest software:

WebStarter Kit Version 1.5
from 25th May 2020
MBS FileMaker Plugin Version 10.2
from 12th May 2020
Download Mac ( 187M ) Download Win ( 194M )
MBS Xojo Plugins Version 20.2
from 12th May 2020
Download Mac ( 573M ) Download Win/Linux ( 590M )
Combine PDFs Version 5.4
from 19th Aug 2019
SQLite Extension Version 1.5
from 19th June 2019

The biggest plugin in space...

The biggest Xojo plug-in...

... with around 70,000 functions to extend Xojo.

Our FileMaker plug-in

Over 6,200 functions for FileMaker 7 to 19.

Watch tutorial videos:

ThumbnailXDC 2020 SceneKit Presentation


26:42 minutes

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MBS Xojo Chart Plugins