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value of leading must not be considered to calculate the text position.
The text rise is already included in the text transformation matrix tm. The
value is always 0.0.
Current word spacing, info only.
Current character spacing, info only.
Current horizontal scaling, info only.
The current line width; it can be ignored if the text is not stroked.
The raw text line that was found in the content stream. This is a non-null-
terminated binary string; it can contain single or multi-byte characters.
This member should no longer be used to extract or replace text. Use the
member Kerning instead.
The string length in bytes, not characters! If TextLen is zero no text was
found or an error occurred.
The raw kerning array. The text in this array points directly into the
source text buffer. The strings are not null-terminated.
Already translated UTF-16 Unicode kerning array. A kerning record
consists of the members Advance, Text (UTF-16), Length, and Width. The
member Advance represents the amount in which the text is moved on the
x-axis. Negative values move the cursor to the right, positive to the left.
Normal kerning between characters is usually always less than the half
space width which can be taken from the structure TPDFStack. This makes
it easy to determine whether a space character is emulated with kerning
space. Note that negative values move the cursor to right! A positive value
of Advance cannot emulate a space character because the cursor is moved
to the wrong direction. The parameter Text contains the Unicode text that
is not null-terminated. Length is the text length in characters. The text
width and advance are calculated in text space.
Note that it is not always possible to translate a text to Unicode. The
translation will fail if a CID font depends on an external CMap file that is
not available. External CMaps should always be loaded with
SetCMapDir() before GetPageText() is executed the first time.
It is also possible that a PDF file contains an invalid encoding or
ToUnicode CMap. Because the encoding or ToUnicode CMap is only used

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