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modified. In this case, the application should call ClearHostFonts() before calling SetFont() the next
time so that the list of available system fonts can be updated.
On Mac OS X there is no notification when the font database changes. Mac OS X applications need
to use functions of the font manager to determine whether font database has been modified.
LBOOL pdfSetUseTransparency(
const PPDF* IPDF, // Instance pointer
LBOOL Value)
// If false, images appears opaque
The property specifies whether images should be masked with the current transparent color to make
this color transparent, see also SetTransparentColor(). This technique is known as color key
The default transparent color is white.
1 bit images are inserted as an image mask if this property is true. Non-zero pixels of an image mask
are rendered with the current fill color. See InsertImageEx() for further information.
Default value = 1 (true)
Color key masking is never applied on images with an alpha channel.
LBOOL pdfSetUseVisibleCoords(
const PPDF* IPDF, // Instance pointer
LBOOL Value)
// See description
The property specifies whether DynaPDF should consider the coordinate origin and the crop box of
a page to calculate the position of an object. The crop box crops a page, but the paper format (media
box) is left unchanged. The media box represents the coordinate system of the page. The bounding
boxes are described in detail at SetBBox().
The coordinate origin of the media box or the crop box (if specified) must normally be considered
when drawing contents on a page. SetUseVisibleCoords() simplifies page editing since no further
considerations are required to place arbitrary contents on a page.
The functions GetPageWidth() and GetPageHeight() return the logical width and height if
SetUseVisibleCoords() is true. However, only these two functions consider this property. Functions
like GetBBox() or GetInBBox() return still the original values.
Default value = 0 (false)

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