Launch CMM - a contextual menu manager plug-in

Launch CMM is a basis CMM which can be customized to launch a given application for an item in the Finder matching.

This plugin is customized for you with at least this settings:

  • Menuitem title (e.g. "Open in Preview...)"
  • Filter to accept only folders.
  • Filter to accept only files.
  • Filter to accept no bundles.
  • Filter to have the CMM only running in the Finder.
  • Target your application based on filename and bundle id.
  • Custom bundle id for your plug-in.
  • More options are possible!


This Plug-In is only for the Contextual Menu Manager of Mac OS X. It is universal so it delivers best performance on PowerPC and Intel Macs.


Basic level: 100 Euro*
You get a customized plugin with the options above set for your application.

Professional level: 200 Euro*
Same as basic, but source code is included so you can do changes yourself.

Additional work is done at our hourly rate at 80 Euro* per hour.

The plug-in is of course royalty free and you can ship it with all your applications. Giving away source code is not allowed. You get it just for the case you need to fix bugs yourself.

* 19% VAT may apply and bank fees may be added. Payments Paypal preferred, but others are possible. Just ask.


As a demo you can download a freeware CMM which will add a contextual menu entry labeled "Open in Preview..." to open a given file in

LaunchPreviewCMPlugIn.dmg (16 KB)

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