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In the year 2003, in the German newsgroup someone looked for an application to combine several PDF files easily. So this application was created.

Over the years the software got a lot of attention. Version 5.0 should address the most common feature requests from our survey in 2009 to make this the best Combine PDF version ever.

Drop some PDF or picture files on the application or the main window. Reorder or remove pages as you want. Enter some meta information like the Title and save the new PDF. Analysing and processing the PDFs may take a while...

About the PDF boxes: Every page has a different sizes depending on what area was defined to create it, how large it is used for content or where it is suggested to be cropped. Most users can live with default values here.

Since 2011 our application is availble in the App Store. Since 2022 we have an Apple Silicon version available.


  • Add PDF pages or image files with add button, menu command or Drag & Drop
  • Add title page
  • Add empty pages
  • Add interleaved pages from two PDF files
  • Duplicate pages
  • Merge selected or all pages to a new PDF file
  • Split selected or all pages to new PDF files
  • Reorder pages with mouse
  • Delete pages
  • Sort pages by name
  • Sort pages for book printing
  • Drag and Drop files from Finder directly into the pages list on the position you like to insert them.
  • Add text overlays like page numbers
  • See a preview of each page
  • Rotate pages
  • Add metadata
  • Apply filters like compress pictures, gray tone and others.
  • Create your own filters
  • Open newly created PDF files in preview or Adobe Reader
  • Includes an english manual (See Help Menu)
  • Save and load the setup
  • Protect your PDF with a password

Download Combine PDFs

Mac MacOS
Version 5.6.1

64-bit Intel + Apple Silicon
  for OS X 10.10 to macOS 12.x  


( 36M )

Mac MacOS
Version 5.2.7

  for OS X 10.7 to macOS 10.14  


( 16M )

Older Versions: 5.4,   5.2.9,   5.2.7,   5.1.2,   5.1,   4.4,   4.3,   4.2,   4.1,   4.0,   3.0


MacOS 10.7 or newer.

Version 4.x fails on MacOS 10.7 Lion, but version 5.x works fine.

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Single User License 20 € $30 USD (for one user)
Family License 69 € $99 USD (for up to 5 users)
Company License 199 € $299 USD (for up to 20 users)

Visit the Online Store.

License keys are delivered per email within a few minutes. VAT only applies to users from the European Union.

If you have problems with MyCommerce, you can contact us for paying with invoice and wired bank transfer or by Paypal.


French by Stephane Pinel.

Italian by Federico Magonio.

German and English by Christian Schmitz

Only for MacOS?

Users request this nice application to become available for Windows. But this is not possible as Microsoft does not include such nice PDF libraries with their operating systems.

You can try the application A-PDF Merger for Windows.


This application uses the PDF libraries of the Mac OS X version you have. Depending on which version you have some bugs may show. PDF files may miss parts of the content or may not be searchable.

This can only be fixed by reporting the bugs to Apple so they can fix their CoreGraphics PDF handling.

Please test all PDF files you create whether they look okay to you.

Also be aware that PDF data with CMYK colors may not look perfect.

Version 5.2.5 has a preference to enable DynaPDF as an alternative PDF engine. This one does not support all features, but sometimes works better with annotations.


Just arranged a new PDF with pages from another PDF and some picture files in Combine PDFs 4.0:


App Store Version

Due to bug fixes for App Store, the version in App Store is 5.5 and the website has 5.4 above.


Combine PDFs can save the current setup into setup files. The sandbox restricts which paths the application can access. If you use saved setup files, please switch to the website version without sandbox, if you have trouble with setups loading.

Move License

If you purchased the version in the Mac App Store, you can also use the website version. Just launch the website version once, so it can copy the license from the App Store version.

For that you need to have the App Store version in applications folder and then run the website version e.g. from desktop. After license is moved, you can move the website version into applications folder.