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Make Invisible is a small utility for REALbasic developers to create background applications in REALbasic.

Drop your Mac OS X application on the application and it will be modified to be an invisible application. (Version 1.0 creates resource files for RB 5.5, but for RB 2005/2006 this does no longer work).

You can even use it with AppleScript (tell application "Make Invisible" to open file "path to file") or from the shell (/pathtotool/Make\ Invisible /pathtoapp/MyApplication).

New in version 2.1

  • Now an universal binary application.
  • Moved project to Realbasic 2007r5 and newer plugins.
  • Now compatible to Mac OS X 10.5.

New stuff added in version 2.0:

  • Changed application to work with all Realbasic versions (1.0 to 2006) with PEF or Mach-O Applications.

New stuff added in version 1.0:

  • First release.


Making donations

This application is considered donation-ware (uncrippled shareware). If you find it indispensable, please consider making a donation.

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