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Free updates for one year!

The serial number you receive when your purchase the plug-in will be valid for the version of the plug-in that you purchased, plus all versions that are released for one year after the purchase date. In other other words, you get free updates for one year.

If you would like to continue to get upgrades after the initial year, you will need to renew your license. If you renew within that year, the cost is 50% of the original cost. If you let your license expire, you may be required to pay full price to renew your license. Again this renewal is only required to if you want to continue to get upgrades. It is NOT required if you just want to continue to use the plug-in you originally purchased.

For more details see our pricing.

The following assistant will lead you to your order page:


Do you want to buy a new license or an upgrade?

New License

(If you need a new or an extra license)

Upgrade License

(to renew an existing license expired in Dec 2018 or later)

If you upgrade to complete from a Part your new complete license will again be valid for 12 months.


After a year your license will expire so buy an update a few weeks before for the next year. Updates prices are 50% of license prices.

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