Release notes for version 8.1 - 6th March 2018

New functions in 8.1 and Announcement in blog.

  • Added Drag & Drop support for Windows.
  • Added search fields for field and table lists in Database Design Dialog.
  • Added Barcode.GetInputMode, Barcode.GetOption, Barcode.SetInputMode and Barcode.SetOption.
  • Added check for Time.Format on Windows to better report invalid parameter.
  • Added Dictionary.CreateNamed function.
  • Added DynaPDF.List and GMImage.List functions.
  • Added FM.SQL.JSONRecord and FM.SQL.JSONRecords functions.
  • Added IKScannerDevicePanel.SetCloseTrigger function.
  • Added LastSettings option to PDFKit.GetPrintSetting function.
  • Added new Move cursor for DragDrop.SetCursor.
  • Added option for second and third primary keys to SQL.InsertOrUpdateRecords.
  • Added option to preferences to block ESC key on Touch Bar and use Option-ESC instead.
  • Added RefNum parameter to QuickList.New.
  • Added ReturnValues parameter for JSON.GetArrayItemsAsList function.
  • Added support for SQL Anywhere API v1 in addition to v2.
  • Added Text.ListWords, List.CountValues and Text.CountWords functions.
  • Added timeout for ImageCapture.OpenDevice in case no answer comes from driver.
  • Added WebView.CreateOnPopover function.
  • Added XML.SetPathXML function.
  • Added XML.Validate function.
  • Added FM.PatchNotificationProblem function.
  • Changed Dialog.AddField to accept tab keys to switch between fields.
  • Changed PHP.Run and PHP.Execute to return better error messages.
  • Changed preferences dialog to shrink on smaller screen resolution and allows scrolling through options.
  • Changed SendMail functions to replace NULL characters with space in email texts to avoid truncation of texts.
  • Changed SQL.InsertOrUpdateRecords to accept more keys, up to 10.
  • Changed Text.FileExtensionToMimeType to prefer our table in the plugin to not report wrong type if your desktop database on Mac is broken.
  • Changed XML.GetPathValue to return CDATA section as text if possible.
  • Disabled context menu for hosts window.
  • Disabled variable checking for scripts with > 2000 lines to avoid performance hit.
  • Fixed crash with bonjour initialization.
  • Fixed JSON.GetPathItem returning numbers with dot incorrectly for non-english localization. Broken in 7.5.
  • Fixed Trace function to ignore extra parameters, if more than 2 passed.
  • Fixed Trace.AreErrorNotificationsEnabled.
  • For XML.SetPathValue and XML.SetPathXML you can now specify [] (Without index) to add new node on the end.
  • Improved CURL.SetupAWS method to work better with Amazon S3 and also with Dell ECS.
  • Improved Files.Launch to better handle passing flag as text.
  • Improved idle time detection for touch screens.
  • Improved Java loading code on Mac to find automatically newest Java version and load it.
  • Improved Java loading code on Windows to find JRE 9.
  • Improved Sendmail functions to not encode subject, email names or attachment names, if it contains no special characters in more cases by reducing the characters which trigger encoding.
  • Improved variable check to detect undefined variable in variable repetition count.
  • Known issue: Zip functions broken on Linux.
  • Limit search for Loop/If boundaries to 200 rows to avoid performance hit in script workspace with huge scripts.
  • On shutdown, the plugin now closes progress dialog, frees notifications and drag & drop areas to avoid later callbacks to unloaded plugin which would crash. Usually only happend when you had such a thing in use and updated plugin.
  • Prepared plugin for next FileMaker version.
  • Updated CURL library to version 7.58.1.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Updated JPEG library to version 9c.
  • Updated LibTiff to version 4.0.9 including support for BigTiff format.
  • Updated LibXL to version 3.8.2.
  • Updated SQLite to version 3.22.0
  • Updated to new codesign certificate for Windows.

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More details in the Release notes and Announcement in blog.

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