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ABSourceMB class:

Class ABSourceMB Inherits ABRecordMB
ComputedProperty Name As Text
Sub Set()
convenience property for Source name
Sub Get()
convenience property for the name
ComputedProperty Type As Integer
Sub Set()
convenience property for Source Type
Sub Get()
convenience property for the Type
Const kABSourceTypeCardDAV = 4
Const kABSourceTypeCardDAVSearch = &h01000004
Const kABSourceTypeExchange = 1
Const kABSourceTypeExchangeGAL = &h01000001
Const kABSourceTypeLDAP = &h01000003
Const kABSourceTypeLocal = 0
Const kABSourceTypeMobileMe = 2
Const kABSourceTypeSearchableMask = &h01000000
Sub Constructor(H as Integer, Retain as Boolean)
Function CreatePeopleInSourceWithVCardRepresentation(data as MemoryBlock) As ABPersonMB()
Creates an array of people from a vcard representation. Source is optional. The people will be created in the source given as the first argument, or the default source if 0.
Note "About"
Sources of contact information are represented by instances of the ABRecordRef opaque type, whose record type is kABSourceType. Examples of sources include the local address book database, CardDAV servers, and social networking sites. Not all sources support groups. Each record in the address book database can belong to only one source. Folders from Exchange accounts are represented in the address book database as sources.
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