MBS Xojo AudioPlayer Kit

MidiPlayerMB class:

Class MidiPlayerMB
ComputedProperty CPULoad As Single
Sub Get()
Returns a short-term running average of the current CPU load
ComputedProperty IsRunning As Boolean
Sub Get()
ComputedProperty MaxCPULoad As Single
Sub Get()
Returns the max CPU load of the graph since this call was last made or the graph was last started.
ComputedProperty ReverbVolume As Single
Sub Set()
Sub Get()
ComputedProperty StreamFromDisk As Boolean
Sub Set()
set StreamFromDisk
Sub Get()
ComputedProperty Tuning As Single
Sub Set()
Sub Get()
ComputedProperty UsesInternalReverb As Boolean
Sub Set()
set to use internal reverb
Sub Get()
uses internal reverb?
ComputedProperty Volume As Single
Sub Set()
Sub Get()
ComputedProperty instrumentCount As Integer
Sub Get()
query number of instruments
Sub Constructor(WithMatrixReverb as Boolean, Start as Boolean = false)
initialize the midi player
Sub Destructor()
Sub SendMidiEvent(Status as Integer, Data1 as Integer, Data2 as Integer, OffsetSampleFrame as Integer)
sends midi event
Sub Start()
start playback
Sub Stop()
stop playback
Function channelInstrument(channel as integer) As integer
query which instrument is on which channel
Function instrumentIDAtIndex(InstrumentIndex as integer) As Integer
query id of instrument
Function nameOfInstrument(InstrumentID as integer) As text
query name of instrument
Sub setInstrument(Channel as Integer, instrumentID as Integer)
sets instrument
Note "DataTypes"
AUGraph = pointer to struct OpaqueAUGraph -> Integer or Ptr AudioUnit = pointer to struct ComponentInstanceRecord -> Integer or Ptr AUNode = Int32
Property LastError As Integer
Property filterNode As Integer
Property graphHandle As Integer
Property mChannelInstrument(15) As Integer
Property outputNode As Integer
Property synthNode As Integer
End Class
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