MBS Xojo BugReporter Kit

BugReporter window:

Class BugReporter Inherits Window
Shared Sub CheckForCrashes() End
Shared Sub FixLinuxButtons(w as window) End
Shared Sub SetCompanyName(theCompanyName as string, ReadOnly as Boolean=false) End
Shared Sub SetCustomData(data as string) End
Shared Sub SetEmailAddress(theEmailAddress as string, ReadOnly as Boolean=false) End
Shared Sub ShowExceptionReporter(exceptionname as string, BackTraceLines() as string) // shows a bug report dialog for a windows exception End
Shared Function UnhandledException(error as RuntimeException) As Boolean // shows bug report dialog for unhandled exceptions End
Shared Sub init() // Initialize the bugreporter, register your MBS Plugins before calling this! // We store a memoryblock with 1 MB so we can release that buffer when the error happens // this is to have enough memory for displaying the dialog if the error was caused because of low memory End
Shared Sub showBugReport() // shows bug report so customer can enter his own bug End
Shared Sub showFeatureRequest() // shows dialog for user to send in a feature request End
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End Class
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