MBS Xojo Encryption Kit 1.1

The MBS Xojo Encryption Kit provides you with a few useful classes and modules to easily add encryption to your Xojo iOS application.

  • Wrapper for OS X and iOS CommonCrypto framework.
    • Hashes with various algorithms: MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA384, SHA256 and SHA512
    • Key derivation with PBKDF2
    • Encryption with AES, Blowfish, DES and others
    • Hardware accelerated
    • Key wrapping with AES
    • Projects for Desktop, iOS, Web and Console using our classes.
  • Compression/Decompression functions using zlib.
    • Zlib wrapper for Compression and Decompression of memory blocks in memory.
    • for Win/Linux with MBS Compression Plugin
  • Database Connector for encrypted database queries from iOS to server app.
    • Features Server:
      • Console application for running in background on server
      • Reads preferences file for database name, password, user and server port
      • Using ServerSocket for taking queries
      • Code to Encrypt & Decrypt, Compress & Uncompress messages
    • Features Client Desktop:
      • Using Sockets for synchronous queries, 3 attempts
      • Classes for RecordSet in memory
      • Query window to run queries.
    • Features Client iOS:
      • Socket for connecting to server and running queries asynchronously
      • Query view to run queries and show result in table.
      • Delegate to inform about query finished/failed
      • Classes for RecordSet in memory

Wrapper Features

  • For old and new Xojo framework
  • Using exception handling to track error
  • Using enums for saver constant passing
  • Test code included
  • Convenience functions to pass values as text or string instead of MemoryBlocks
  • Parameter validation
  • All classes with MB postfix to avoid name conflicts.
  • Includes EncodeHex function
  • Compiles for all targets
  • All module definitions are protected to avoid conflicts
  • Inline documentation
  • Full Source code, no encryption
  • Works for 32bit and 64bit targets.




( 233K )


Xojo 2015r1 or newer

No Open Source projects, please. This would violate the license.

Xojo 2020r2 or newer

Since Xojo 2020r2 introduced plugin support for iOS, we can now produce our plugins for iOS. Please consider using DigestMBS, CipherMBS, CCCryptorMBS and other encryption classes for future projects as it can do more.

API 2.0

Our Kit is written for the traditional Xojo API and may show warnings when used in newer Xojo version.

Feel free to make adjustments as needed.

Public Interfaces

Version history

Version 1.1, 31st July 2019

  • DatabaseConnector Server now has a switch in UtilModule to decide if you want to use SQLiteDatabase or MBS SQL Plugin.
  • DatabaseConnector Server defaults now on OS X to not use plugin for encryption.
  • Added EncodeBase64 and DecodeBase64
  • Added AES example.
  • Updated for Xojo 2019r1

Version 1.0

  • First public release.


Limited product support is offered for free. Custom contract development to help you integrating our kit or making improvements for you can be ordered.

Updates to the kit will be available regularly to all registered users. Free for the first year.

If you have questions, please contact us. See contact page or use our feedback form.


You receive the full Xojo source codes of all projects for use in your applications. You are not allowed to share your copy of the kit with other developers.

Full license text is includes in the kit manual.

Free updates included for one year. After that, please order an update/new license or keep your last license. The biggest plugin in space...

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