MBS Xojo Network Kit 1.0

EKEventMB class:

Class EKEventMB Inherits EKCalendarItemMB
ComputedProperty AllDay As Boolean
Sub Set()
Indicates this event is an 'all day' event.
Sub Get()
ComputedProperty Detached As Boolean
Sub Get()
Represents whether this event is detached from a recurring series. If this EKEvent is an instance of a repeating event, and an attribute of this EKEvent has been changed from the default value generated by the repeating event, isDetached will return true. If the EKEvent is unchanged from its default state, or is not a repeating event, isDetached returns false.
ComputedProperty Name As text
Sub Get()
A unique identifier for this event. This identifier can be used to look the event up using EKEventStoreMB.eventWithIdentifier. You can use this not only to simply fetch the event, but also to validate the event has not been deleted out from under you when you get an external change notification via the EKEventStore database changed notification. If eventWithIdentifier returns nil, the event was deleted. Please note that if you change the calendar of an event, this ID will likely change. It is currently also possible for the ID to change due to a sync operation. For example, if a user moved an event on a different client to another calendar, we'd see it as a completely new event here.
ComputedProperty availability As EKEventMB.EKEventAvailability
Sub Set()
The availability setting for this event. The availability setting is used by CalDAV and Exchange servers to indicate how the time should be treated for scheduling. If the calendar the event is currently in does not support event availability, EKEventAvailabilityNotSupported is returned.
Sub Get()
ComputedProperty birthdayPersonID As Integer
Sub Get()
Specifies the address book ID of the person this event was created for. This property is only valid for events in the built-in Birthdays calendar. It specifies the Address Book ID of the person this event was created for. For any other type of event, this property returns -1.
ComputedProperty endDate As Date
Sub Set()
The end date for the event.
Sub Get()
ComputedProperty organizer As EKParticipantMB
Sub Get()
The organizer of this event, or nil.
ComputedProperty startDate As Date
Sub Set()
The start date for the event. This property represents the start date for this event. Floating events (such as all-day events) are currently always returned in the default time zone. ([NSTimeZone defaultTimeZone])
Sub Get()
ComputedProperty status As EKEventMB.EKEventStatus
Sub Set()
The status of the event. While the status offers four different values in the EKEventStatus enumeration, in practice, the only actionable and reliable status is canceled. Any other status should be considered informational at best. You cannot set this property. If you wish to cancel an event, you should simply remove it using removeEvent.
Sub Get()
Const NSOrderedAscending = -1
Const NSOrderedDescending = 1
Const NSOrderedSame = 0
Enum EKEventAvailability NotSupported = -1 Busy = 0 Free = 1 Tentative = 2 Unavailable = 3 End Enum
Enum EKEventStatus None = 0 Confirmed = 1 Tentative = 2 Canceled = 3 End Enum
Sub Constructor(Store as EKEventStoreMB)
Creates a new event object.
Sub Constructor(Handle as Integer, Retain as Boolean)
Create from Handle
Function Refresh() As Boolean
Refreshes an event object to ensure it's still valid.
Function compareStartDateWithEvent(other as EKEventMB) As Integer
Comparison function you can pass to sort NSArrays of EKEvents by start date. see NSOrdered constants
Shared Function eventWithEventStore(Store as EKEventStoreMB) As EKEventMB
Creates a new event object.
Note "About"
The EKEvent class represents an occurrence of an event.
Note "Copyright"
© 2015 by Christian Schmitz, Monkeybread Software This is part of the MBS Xojo Event Kit for iOS http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/xojo/
End Class
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