MBS Xojo Network Kit 1.0

EKParticipantMB class:

Class EKParticipantMB Inherits EKObjectMB
ComputedProperty Description As text
Sub Get()
Description of this participant.
ComputedProperty Name As text
Sub Get()
Name of this participant.
ComputedProperty URL As text
Sub Get()
URL representing this participant.
ComputedProperty isCurrentUser As Boolean
Sub Get()
A boolean indicating whether this participant represents the owner of this account.
ComputedProperty participantRole As EKParticipantMB.EKParticipantRole
Sub Get()
Returns the role of the attendee as a EKParticipantRole value.
ComputedProperty participantStatus As EKParticipantMB.EKParticipantStatus
Sub Get()
Returns the status of the attendee as a EKParticipantStatus value.
ComputedProperty participantType As EKParticipantMB.EKParticipantType
Sub Get()
Returns the type of the attendee as a EKParticipantType value.
Enum EKParticipantRole Unknown = 0 Required = 1 Optional_ = 2 Chair = 3 NonParticipant = 4 End Enum
Enum EKParticipantStatus Unknown = 0 Pending = 1 Accepted = 2 Declined = 3 Tentative = 4 Delegated = 5 Completed = 6 InProcess = 7 End Enum
Enum EKParticipantType Unknown = 0 Person = 1 Room = 2 Resource = 3 Group = 4 End Enum
Function ABRecordWithAddressBook(ABAddressBookRef as Integer) As Integer
Returns the ABRecordRef that represents this participant. This method returns the ABRecordRef that represents this participant, if a match can be found based on email address in the address book passed. If we cannot find the participant, nil is returned.
Sub Constructor(Handle as Integer, Retain as Boolean)
Create from Handle
Function copy() As EKParticipantMB
Copy function for NSCopying protocol
Note "About"
Note "Copyright"
© 2015 by Christian Schmitz, Monkeybread Software This is part of the MBS Xojo Event Kit for iOS http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/xojo/
End Class
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