MBS Xojo Network Kit 1.0

EKSourceMB class:

Class EKSourceMB Inherits EKObjectMB
ComputedProperty sourceIdentifier As text
Sub Get()
the source identifier
ComputedProperty sourceType As EKSourceMB.EKSourceType
Sub Get()
The source type
ComputedProperty title As text
Sub Get()
the title for this source
Enum EKEntityType Events = 0 Reminder = 1 End Enum
Enum EKSourceType Local = 0 Exchange = 1 CalDAV = 2 MobileMe = 3 Subscribed = 4 Birthdays = 5 End Enum
Sub Constructor(Handle as Integer, Retain as Boolean)
Create from Handle
Function calendars() As EKCalendarMB()
the calendars for this source
Function calendarsForEntityType(Type as EKSourceMB.EKEntityType) As EKCalendarMB()
Returns the calendars that belong to this source that support a given entity type (reminders, events)
Function eventCalendars() As EKCalendarMB()
convenience function
Function reminderCalendars() As EKCalendarMB()
convenience function
Note "About"
Note "Copyright"
© 2015 by Christian Schmitz, Monkeybread Software This is part of the MBS Xojo Event Kit for iOS http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/xojo/
End Class
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