MBS Xojo Network Kit 1.0

EKStructuredLocationMB class:

Class EKStructuredLocationMB Inherits EKBaseObjectMB
ComputedProperty geoLocation As Integer
Sub Set()
the location as CLLocation reference
Sub Get()
ComputedProperty radius As double
Sub Set()
0 = use default, unit is meters
Sub Get()
ComputedProperty title As text
Sub Set()
set the title
Sub Get()
the title
Sub Constructor(Handle as Integer, Retain as Boolean)
Create from Handle
Sub Constructor(title as text)
Creates a new location
Function copy() As EKStructuredLocationMB
Copy function for NSCopying protocol
Shared Function reminderWithEventStore(title as text) As EKStructuredLocationMB
Creates a new location
Note "About"
Note "Copyright"
© 2015 by Christian Schmitz, Monkeybread Software This is part of the MBS Xojo Event Kit for iOS http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/xojo/
End Class
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