MBS Xojo Network Kit 1.0

EventKitMB class:

Module EventKitMB
ComputedProperty Available As Boolean
Sub Get()
Check and see if EventKit is Available
Const EKErrorAlarmGreaterThanRecurrence = 8
Const EKErrorAlarmProximityNotSupported = 21
Const EKErrorCalendarDoesNotAllowEvents = 22
Const EKErrorCalendarDoesNotAllowReminders = 23
Const EKErrorCalendarHasNoSource = 14
Const EKErrorCalendarIsImmutable = 16
Const EKErrorCalendarReadOnly = 6
Const EKErrorCalendarSourceCannotBeModified = 15
Const EKErrorDatesInverted = 4
Const EKErrorDomain = EKErrorDomain
Const EKErrorDurationGreaterThanRecurrence = 7
Const EKErrorEventNotMutable = 0
Const EKErrorInternalFailure = 5
Const EKErrorInvalidEntityType = 26
Const EKErrorInvalidSpan = 13
Const EKErrorInvitesCannotBeMoved = 12
Const EKErrorNoCalendar = 1
Const EKErrorNoEndDate = 3
Const EKErrorNoStartDate = 2
Const EKErrorObjectBelongsToDifferentStore = 11
Const EKErrorPriorityIsInvalid = 25
Const EKErrorRecurringReminderRequiresDueDate = 18
Const EKErrorReminderLocationsNotSupported = 20
Const EKErrorSourceDoesNotAllowCalendarAddDelete = 17
Const EKErrorSourceDoesNotAllowReminders = 24
Const EKErrorStartDateCollidesWithOtherOccurrence = 10
Const EKErrorStartDateTooFarInFuture = 9
Const EKErrorStructuredLocationsNotSupported = 19
Const EKFriday = 6
Const EKMonday = 2
Const EKSaturday = 7
Const EKSunday = 1
Const EKThursday = 5
Const EKTuesday = 3
Const EKWednesday = 4
Protected Function CGColorToColor(cgColorRef as Integer) As color
Protected Function ClassName(ref as integer) As text
class name of object
Protected Function ColorToCGColor(co as color) As Integer
Protected Function DateToNSDate(d as date) As Integer
Protected Function Description(ref as integer) As text
class description of object
Protected Sub LoadConstants()
optionally called to load constants
Protected Function NSArrayCount(NSArrayRef as integer) As Integer
Protected Function NSArrayOfAlarms(r as integer) As EKAlarmMB()
Protected Function NSArrayOfCalendarItems(r as integer) As EKCalendarItemMB()
Protected Function NSArrayOfCalendars(r as integer) As EKCalendarMB()
Protected Function NSArrayOfEvents(r as integer) As EKEventMB()
Protected Function NSArrayOfIntegers(r as integer) As Integer()
Protected Function NSArrayOfParticipants(r as integer) As EKParticipantMB()
Protected Function NSArrayOfRecurrenceRules(r as integer) As EKRecurrenceRuleMB()
Protected Function NSArrayOfReminders(r as integer) As EKReminderMB()
Protected Function NSArrayOfSources(r as integer) As EKSourceMB()
Protected Function NSClassFromText(Name as Text) As Integer
Protected Function NSDateToDate(Ref as Integer) As date
Protected Sub NSLog(s as text, h as integer)
log some object
Protected Function NSSetToNSArray(NSSetRef as integer) As integer
Protected Function NSStringToText(ref as integer) As text
Protected Function NSTimeZoneToTimeZone(t as integer) As xojo.Core.TimeZone
Protected Function NSURLFromText(URL as String) As Integer
Protected Function NSURLFromText(URL as Text) As Integer
Protected Function NSURLToText(NSURLHandle as integer) As text
Protected Function NewEKCalendarNSArray(values() as EKCalendarMB) As Integer
Protected Function NewEKRecurrenceDayOfWeekNSArray(values() as EKRecurrenceDayOfWeekMB) As Integer
Protected Function NewIntegerNSArray(values() as Integer) As Integer
Protected Function TextToNSString(t as text) As integer
Protected Function TimeZoneToNSTimeZone(t as xojo.Core.TimeZone) As integer
Protected Function defaultNotificationCenter() As Integer
Protected Function mainQueue() As Integer
Protected Function newEKCalendarItemMB(Ref as Integer, Retain as Boolean) As EKCalendarItemMB
Note "Copyright"
© 2015 by Christian Schmitz, Monkeybread Software This is part of the MBS Xojo Event Kit for iOS http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/xojo/
Property Protected EKEventStoreChangedNotification As text
End Module
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