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You are living in America and you want to pay using Share-It to buy a license update.


  1. Go to the Share-It website using the button below.
  2. Pay your plugin price based on the table below. (Do not forget your postal address!)
  3. As soon as the money arrives, you receive an email with a serial number. (within 2 work days)

The following prices are only for users from America.

 DynaPDF Plug-inPrice
Update Starter (additional year)$26Buy now
Update Lite (additional year)$59Buy now
Update Pro (additional year)$99Buy now
Update Enterprise (additional year)$169Buy now
Update PDF/A (additional year)$79Buy now
 About DynaPDF Editions, from Starter to Enterprise
 DynaPDF Starter
    Upgrade to Lite$389Buy now
    Upgrade to Pro$839Buy now
    Upgrade to Enterprise$1489Buy now
DynaPDF Lite Upgrade to Pro$449Buy now
DynaPDF Lite Upgrade to Enterprise$1099Buy now
DynaPDF Pro Upgrade to Enterprise$649Buy now
SQL Plug-in$69Buy now
MBS SQLite Extension Update$69Buy now
 ChartDirector Plug-inPrice
ChartDirector (Commercial)$149Buy now
 Plug-in PackagesPrice
Complete (Commercial)$149Buy now
 libXL LicensesPrice
 LibXL macOS$99Buy now
 LibXL Windows$99Buy now
 LibXL Linux$99Buy now
 LibXL Enterprise$499Buy now
 Plug-in Parts (in Complete) Price
Audio$39Buy now
Barcode$29Buy now
Cocoa$59Buy now
Compression$29Buy now
ComputerControl$29Buy now
CURL$45Buy now
Dongle$39Buy now
Encryption$49Buy now
GraphicsMagick$39Buy now
Java$39Buy now
Linux$39Buy now
MacOSX$39Buy now
Network$49Buy now
Overlay$29Buy now
Picture$39Buy now
RegEx$23Buy now
USB$29Buy now
Util$49Buy now
VLC$39Buy now
Win$59Buy now
 iOS KitsPrice
Encryption Kit$99Buy now
Network Kit$99Buy now
Addressbook Kit$99Buy now
Event Kit$99Buy now
Audio Player Kit$49Buy now
UDP Socket Kit$99Buy now
iOS Kit Set$449$299Buy now
 Non Plug-insPrice
Updater Kit$99Buy now
Bug Reporter Kit$69Buy now
Web Starter Kit$149Buy now
 Service by timePrice
Service Hour$149Buy now
Service half Day$599Buy now
Service Day$1199Buy now
 All prices without 19% VAT.


If you need a special license or a bundle of several licenses or you feel your case is not provided with our standard licenses, please contact us.

SQL, DynaPDF and ChartDirector are not included in the Complete package.

If you need libXL licenses, you can order them here: for Windows (Update), for Mac OS X (Update), for Linux (Update) or for enterprises the cross-platform license. (Update)

Academic Prices

You can upgrade and downgrade as you like. For details, please ask us for the exact price.

With an update order you add 1 to 5 years to an existing license and the end date of your old license moves forward the purchased amount of time.

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