Interactive Financial Chart Sample Code
ChartDirector Interactive Financial Chart
  • The ChartDirector Interactive Financial Chart sample code demonstrates a user configurable financial chart. The user can add financial indicators (there are 47 built-in indicators), compare prices, select various chart attributes such as time range, chart size, log/linear scale, price/percentage scale, etc.
  • Available in both windows and web versions. (The screen shot shows the web version).
  • The core of the sample code is the FinanceChart class library. It allows sophisticated financial charts to be composed by stacking a main chart with arbitrary number indicator charts in any order. (For ease of understand, the sample code is hard coded for four selectable indicator charts.)
  • The main chart can show information in Candlestick or OHLC symbols. Various price lines are supported, including closing price line, weighted close line, typical price line or median price line. Multiple price lines can be added for price comparison.
  • FinanceChart allows adding arbitrary number of moving average lines to the chart. Supported moving average types include simple, exponential, triangular and weighted. (For ease of understand, the sample code user interface is hard coded for 2 configurable moving average lines.)
  • Various price bands (Bollinger Band, Donchian Channel, Price Envelops) can be added to the main chart. A volume bar chart can also be added to the main chart.
  • Indicators charts that can be stacked on top or bottom of the main chart includes: Accumulation/Distribution, Aroon Up/Down, Aroon Oscillator, Average Directional Index, Average True Range (including raw True Range), Bollinger Band Width, Commodity Channel Index, Chaikin Money Flow, Chaikin Oscillator, Chaikin Volatility, Close Location Value, Detrended Price Oscillator, Donchian Channel Width, Ease of Movement, Fast Stochastic, MACD, Mass Index, Money Flow Index, Momentum, Negative Volume Index, On Balance Volume, Parabolic SAR, Performance, Percentage Price Oscillator, Positive Volume Index, Percentage Volume Oscillator, Price Volume Trend, Rate of Change, Relative Strength Index, Slow Stochastic, Standard Deviation, Stochastic RSI, TRIX, Ultimate Oscillator, Volume, William %R.
  • The ChartDirector Interactive Financial Chart sample code is now included in all editions of ChartDirector. To obtain the sample code, please download ChartDirector from our download page.
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