Chart Gallery - Polar Charts (1)
  • A radar chart with two layers.
  • Semi-transparent colors are used to ensure both layers can be clearly seen.

  • A polar chart with two polar line layers. One of the line is configured as close loop, with the other as open loop.
  • Data points are marked by symbols, with data labels on top of the symbols.

  • A polar stacked area chart.

  • A polar chart with a polar spline area layer, and a polar spline line layer.

  • A polar scatter chart, with alternating background colors in the angular direction.

  • A polar bubble chart, with alternating background colors in the radial direction.
  • In ChartDirector, a bubble chart is a scatter chart with variable symbol sizes. Any scatter symbols or custom images can be used.
  • In this example, circles are used as symbols.
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