Dynapdf Error List

Here a compilation of DynaPDF errors and warnings with text message.

ENO OPEN PAGE-6710896410000000064Syntax ErrorNo open page!
ENO ACTIVE FONT-6710896510100000065Syntax ErrorNo active font!
ENO PDF FILE-53687101410200000066Fatal ErrorNo pdf file in memory!
EOPEN PAGE-6710896710300000067Syntax ErrorOpen page detected!
EWRONG PAGENUM-13421783210400000068Value ErrorInvalid page number!
EUNKNOWN ERROR-53687101710500000069Fatal ErrorUnknown error!
EFILE OPEN ERROR-10737419301060000006AFile ErrorCannot open file!
EORIENTATION-1342178351070000006BValue ErrorOrientation must be a multiple of 90!
ENOVIEWER PREF ADD VAL-1342178361080000006CValue ErrorNeed additional viewer preference value or aditional value is incorrect!
EUNKN VIEWER PREF ADD VAL-1342178371090000006DValue ErrorAdditional viewer preference value does not exit!
EUNKN VIEWER PREF-1342178381100000006EValue ErrorViewer preference does not exist!
EOPEN PDF FILE-5368710231110000006FFatal ErrorAn open PDF file was in memory!
EINV FONT SIZE-13421784011200000070Value ErrorFont size must be greater zero!
EOUT OF MEMORY-53687102511300000071Fatal ErrorOut of memory!
ECOMPRESS ERROR-53687102611400000072Fatal ErrorError compressing stream!
EINV VALUE-13421784311500000073Value ErrorInvalid value!
EFONT NOT FOUND-3355454811600000074WarningFont not found!
ENO START POS-6710898111700000075Syntax ErrorNo start point! Set the start point with MoveTo beforehand!
ENO OPEN LINE-6710898211800000076Syntax ErrorNo open path found!\nYou must create a path before calling this function.
ENO OPEN CLIPPATH-6710898311900000077Syntax ErrorNo clipping path found!\nCall BeginClipPath, draw a path and then call ClipPath.
ENO OPEN PATH-6710898412000000078Syntax ErrorNo open path found!
ENAN FLOAT ERROR-13421784912100000079Value ErrorFloating point error: value is not a number!
EOPEN MOVETO-5368710341220000007AFatal ErrorMoveTo was called without drawing a path!
EOPEN LINE-671089871230000007BSyntax ErrorOpen path found!\nYou must call StrokePath, FillPath or ClosePath finally to make a path visible!
ESAVED GSTATE-671089881240000007CSyntax ErrorGraphics state was saved but not restored!
ENO SAVED GS-671089891250000007DSyntax ErrorGraphics state was not saved!
EINV LINE DASH PATTERN-1342178541260000007EValue ErrorLine dash pattern contains invalid characters!
EINV TT FONTFILE-2684355831270000007FFont ErrorError reading TrueType font!
ENO CMAP TABLE-26843558412800000080Font ErrorCMAP table not found!
ENO LOCA TABLE-26843558512900000081Font ErrorLOCA table not found!
ENO POST TABLE-26843558613000000082Font ErrorPOST table not found!
ENO NAME TABLE-26843558713100000083Font ErrorName table not found!
EINV NAME TABLE-26843558813200000084Font ErrorError reading name table!
ENO RGB COLOR SPACE-26843558913300000085Font ErrorThis object type supports only RGB colors!
ENO MAXP TABLE-26843559013400000086Font ErrorMAXP table not found!
ENO HEAD TABLE-26843559113500000087Font ErrorHEAD table not found!
ENO HHEA TABLE-26843559213600000088Font ErrorHHEA table not found!
ENO GLYF TABLE-26843559313700000089Font ErrorGLYF table not found!
ENO HMTX TABLE-2684355941380000008AFont ErrorHMTX table not found!
EFONT WRITING ERROR-2684355951390000008BFont ErrorError writing font file!
EINV HANDLE-1342178681400000008CValue ErrorInvalid handle!
EINV CODEPAGE-1342178691410000008DValue ErrorCode page is not supported!
EINV CLIPPING MODE-1342178701420000008EValue ErrorClipping mode does not exist!
EINV FILL MODE-1342178711430000008FValue ErrorFill mode does not exist!
ENO FILE EXTENSION-107374196814400000090File ErrorFilename with no extension!
EUNSUPPORTED IMAGE FORMAT-107374196914500000091File ErrorUnsupported image format!
EREADING IMAGE-107374197014600000092File ErrorError reading image!
EINV BPP-13421787514700000093Value ErrorBitsPerPixel must be between 1 to 32!
ENULL BUFFER-13421787614800000094Value ErrorBuffer is NULL!
EINV BUFLEN-13421787714900000095Value ErrorBuffer length is shorter than expected!
ENULL STRING-13421787815000000096Value ErrorString value cannot be NULL!
ENO MEMORY PDF-6710901515100000097Syntax ErrorThe PDF file was not created in memory!
EINV COLOR COUNT-13421788015200000098Value ErrorThe color space contains more or less colors than expexted!
EINV COLOR SPACE-13421788115300000099Value ErrorError reading color space!
EINV BBOX-1342178821540000009AValue ErrorBounding box does not exist!
NO OPEN TEMPLATE-671090191550000009BSyntax ErrorNo open template detected!
NO OPEN PATTERN-671090201560000009CSyntax ErrorNo open pattern detected!
EINV COLOR MODE-1342178851570000009DValue ErrorUnknown color mode!
EINV RECT HEIGHT-1342178861580000009EValue ErrorThe height must be greater or equal to the active font size or leading!
EINV IMAGE FORMAT-10737419831590000009FFile ErrorUnsupported image format!
EINV FILE SIZE-1073741984160000000A0File ErrorFile size is shorter than expected!
EINV FILE VERSION-1073741985161000000A1File ErrorUnsupported file version!
EREADING FILE-1073741986162000000A2File ErrorError reading file!
EUNSUPPORTED CODEPAGE-134217891163000000A3Value ErrorUnicode is not supported with Type1 fonts!
EINV RADIUS-134217892164000000A4Value ErrorRadius must be greater zero!
EINV FILE HEADER-1073741989165000000A5File ErrorInvalid file header!
EXREF NOT FOUND-1073741990166000000A6File ErrorCannot find startxref!
EREADING TRAILER-1073741991167000000A7File ErrorError reading trailer!
EINV FILTER-1073741992168000000A8File ErrorUnsupported compresion filter!
EINV STREAM-1073741993169000000A9File ErrorStream object is shorter than expected!
EDECOMPRESS ERROR-1073741994170000000AAFile ErrorError decompressing stream!
EINV PREDICT FUNCTION-1073741995171000000ABFile ErrorUnsupported predictor function!
EINV STREAM VALUE-1073741996172000000ACFile ErrorStream contains invalid values!
EINV OBJNUM-1073741997173000000ADFile ErrorObject number is greater than expected!
EINV OFFSET-1073741998174000000AEFile ErrorOffset does not match with object!
EINV ID OBJECT-1073741999175000000AFFile ErrorPDF file is encrypted but contains no valid ID!
EINV ENCRYPT FILTER-1073742000176000000B0File ErrorUnsupported encryption filter!
EINV STRING VALUE-1073742001177000000B1File ErrorString value is longer or shorter than excpected!
ENEED PWD-1073742002178000000B2File ErrorNeed a password to decrypt the file!
EWRONG OPEN PWD-1073742003179000000B3File ErrorIncorrect open password!
EWRONG OWNER PWD-1073742004180000000B4File ErrorIncorrect owner password!
EWRONG PWD-1073742005181000000B5File ErrorWrong password!
EREADING XREF-1073742006182000000B6File ErrorError reading xref!
EREADING CATALOG-1073742007183000000B7File ErrorError reading Catalog object!
EREADING PAGE TREE-1073742008184000000B8File ErrorError reading Page Tree!
EREADING DICT ARRAY-1073742009185000000B9File ErrorError reading dictionary array!
EREADING PAGE TYPE-1073742010186000000BAFile ErrorError reading page type!
ENO IMPORT FILE-1073742011187000000BBFile ErrorNo open import file!
EINV PAGENUM-1073742012188000000BCFile ErrorPage does not exist!
EINV SCALEFACT-1073742013189000000BDFile ErrorScale factor must greater zero!
EREADING DICTIONARY-1073742014190000000BEFile ErrorError reading dictionary!
ENO MEDIABOX-1073742015191000000BFFile ErrorError reading page: Media box not found!
EINV OBJ REFERENCE-1073742016192000000C0File ErrorInvalid object reference!
ENO RESOURCES-1073742017193000000C1File ErrorCannot find page resources!
EREADING OBJECT-1073742018194000000C2File ErrorError reading object!
EINV STREAM LEN-1073742019195000000C3File ErrorStream length is invalid or cannot be found!
EINV OBJCOUNT-536871108196000000C4Fatal ErrorPDF file contains less objects than expected!
EINV PARENT BMK-134217925197000000C5Value ErrorParent bookmark does not exist!
EINV DEST TYPE-134217926198000000C6Value ErrorDestination type does not exist!
ENO OPEN ARTICLES-67109063199000000C7Syntax ErrorNo open Article Thread
EIMPORT AS PAGE-67109064200000000C8Syntax ErrorIf the flag ifImportAsPage is set, you must open a page before calling this function!
EALREADY IMPORTED-67109065201000000C9Syntax ErrorPage is already imported! If the flag ifImportAsPage is set, a page cannot be imported or placed again!
ECJK FONT-134217930202000000CAValue ErrorThis is a CJK font that does not support the selected code page!
EINV CJK FONT TYPE-134217931203000000CBValue ErrorCJK encodings are not supported with Type1 fonts!
ENO CJK FONT-134217932204000000CCValue ErrorThe selected font does not support CJK encoding!
EINV CJK ENCODING-134217933205000000CDValue ErrorSelected CJK encoding is not supported by this font!
EINV TABLE LEN-134217934206000000CEValue ErrorTrueType table is shorter than expected!
EPATH ALREADY ADDED-1073742031207000000CFFile ErrorSearch path were already added!
EINV PATH-1073742032208000000D0File ErrorPath does not exist!
ENO FILES FOUND-1073742033209000000D1File ErrorNo valid files found in directory!
EOPEN METRIC FILE-1073742034210000000D2File ErrorCannot open metric file!
EOPEN FONT FILE-1073742035211000000D3File ErrorCannot open font file!
EREADING AFM METRICS-268435668212000000D4Font ErrorError reading AFM metric file!
ENO BBOX-268435669213000000D5Font ErrorCannot find bounding box in PFB file!
EMM FILE-268435670214000000D6Font ErrorMultiple Master fonts are not supported!
ENO LICENSE KEY-134217943215000000D7Value ErrorYou must enter the license key with SetLicenseKey! Demo mode is not allowed with this version!
EOPERATION CANCELED-33554648216000000D8WarningOperation canceled!
EINV PARENT FIELD-134217945217000000D9Value ErrorParent field does not exist!
EINV PARENT FIELD TYPE-134217946218000000DAValue ErrorThe Parent and child field type must be the same!
EDUPLICATE EXPORT VALUE-134217947219000000DBValue ErrorDuplicate export value!
ENULL FIELD NAME-134217948220000000DCValue ErrorThe field name cannot be an empty string!
EDUPLICATE FIELD NAME-134217949221000000DDValue ErrorDuplicate field names are only allowed for fields of the same type!
ENULL EXPORT VALUE-134217950222000000DEValue ErrorThe export value cannot be an empty string!
EINV FIELD FONT-134217951223000000DFValue ErrorThe active font cannot be used with form fields! Form fonts must be Unicode compatible.
EOPEN CONTINUE TEXT-67109088224000000E0Syntax ErrorAn open continue text block is still active!
ENO OPEN CONTINUE TEXT-67109089225000000E1Syntax ErrorYou must call BeginContinueText() before AddContinueText()!
ENO CHOICE FIELD-134217954226000000E2Value ErrorField must be a handle of a combo box or list box!
EINV FIELD SIZE-134217955227000000E3Value ErrorThe field width or height is too small!
ENO TEXT FIELD-134217956228000000E4Value ErrorField must be a text field handle!
EINV RESTORE-134217957229000000E5Value ErrorContent stream contains unbalanced save/restore operators!
EINV OPERATOR-134217958230000000E6Value ErrorContent stream contains undefined operators!
EINV STACK-134217959231000000E7Value ErrorStack is not initialized!
ENULL POINTER-134217960232000000E8Value ErrorPointer cannot be NULL!
EINV TEMPLATE INDEX-134217961233000000E9Value ErrorInvalid template index!
EINV ENUM-134217962234000000EAValue ErrorEnum constant is not defined!
EINV ACTION HANDLE-134217963235000000EBValue ErrorInvalid action handle!
EINV OBJECT HANDLE-134217964236000000ECValue ErrorInvalid object handle!
EINV OBJ EVENT-134217965237000000EDValue ErrorEvent is not defined for the selected object type!
ENO JAVA SCRIPT ACTION-134217966238000000EEValue ErrorThis is not a JavaScript action!
ENO MULTIPLE ACTIONS-134217967239000000EFValue ErrorAn action for the specified event is already defined!
EINV OBJECT TYPE-134217968240000000F0Value ErrorInvalid object type!
ESAME ACTION OBJECT-134217969241000000F1Value ErrorSource and destination action are the same!
EINV FIELD TYPE-134217970242000000F2Value ErrorOperation or property is not defined for the selected field type!
EDUPL SCRIPT NAME-134217971243000000F3Value ErrorDuplicate JavaScript name!
EINV TEXT COLOR-134217972244000000F4Value ErrorThe text color must not be transparent!
EINV NAME COUNT-134217973245000000F5Value ErrorName tree is too large!
EDUPLICATE VALUE-134217974246000000F6Value ErrorDuplicate value!
EINV FIELD HANDLE-134217975247000000F7Value ErrorInvalid field handle!
ENO FORM ACTION-134217976248000000F8Value ErrorAction must be a handle of a submit or reset form action!
EFIELD NOT FOUND-134217977249000000F9Value ErrorField not found!
EUNSUPPORTED COLOR DEPTH-134217978250000000FAValue ErrorUnsupported color depth!
EINV IMAGE INDEX-134217979251000000FBValue ErrorInvalid image index!
EINV METAFILE-134217980252000000FCValue ErrorUnknown metafile format!
EINV LINEWIDTH-134217981253000000FDValue ErrorThe line width must be smaller than Distance / 2!
ETOO LARGE FONTSIZE-134217982254000000FEValue ErrorFont size is too large!
EINV ACTION INDEX-134217983255000000FFValue ErrorInvalid action index!
ENO CHANGES MADE-6710912025600000100Syntax ErrorStream was not changed!
ECJK UNICODE-6710912125700000101Syntax ErrorCJK Unicode code pages must be used with the ANSI version of a text method!
EINV WMF FILE-107374208225800000102File ErrorGDI is unable to convert the WMF file to EMF!
EINV NO CLIPPNG MODE-13421798725900000103Value ErrorClipping draw modes are not allowed inside of continue text blocks!
EINV LIST WIDTH-13421798826000000104Value ErrorLefthand width of the list is too large!
EMAX LIST COUNT-6710912526100000105Syntax ErrorNumber of nested list levels exceeded
EINV LIST RESTORE-6710912626200000106Syntax ErrorRestore list without preceeding create list!
ENO MULTIPAGE IMAGE-107374208726300000107File ErrorImage format is not a supported multipage image format!
ENO FREE TEMP FILE-107374208826400000108File ErrorUnable to create a temp file!
EWRITE TEMP BUFFER-107374208926500000109File ErrorCannot write buffer to temp file!
EDISABLED IMG FORMAT-10737420902660000010AFile ErrorThis image format is currently disabled!
EWINDOWS ONLY-671091312670000010BSyntax ErrorThis function is supported on Windows only!
EDUPL CHECK BOX IN GROUP-671091322680000010CSyntax ErrorCheck box names inside a group field must be unique!
EINV VAL INDEX-671091332690000010DSyntax ErrorValue index does not exist!
ENO MOVETO-671091342700000010ESyntax ErrorYou must set the start point with MoveTo() before drawing a line!
EDYNAPDF MIN PRO-5368711832710000010FFatal ErrorThis function requires DynaPDF Professional or Enterprise!
EOPEN CERT FILE-107374209627200000110File ErrorCannot open certificate file -> Check file path and password!
ESIGN FILE-53687118527300000111Fatal ErrorCannot create signature!
EOPEN USER CERT-107374209827400000112File ErrorCannot get user certificate!
ENO CERT OWNER-107374209927500000113File ErrorCannot find the certificate owner. This certificate cannot be used to sign a PDF file!
EOPEN PRIVATE KEY-107374210027600000114File ErrorCannot get private key!
EINV PRIV KEY-107374210127700000115File ErrorInvalid private / public key pair!
EPERIOD IN FIELD NAME-6710914227800000116Syntax ErrorA field name must not contain a period character (.)!
EINV SIG KEY LEN-107374210327900000117File ErrorCertificates with 2048 or 4096 bit encrpyted keys are not supported!
EDISABLED CJK SUPPORT-6710914428000000118Syntax ErrorCJK support was disabled -> Check your configuration in drv type.h!
EDISABLED PDF IMPORT-6710914528100000119Syntax ErrorPDF import was disabled -> Check your configuration in drv type.h!
EREADING CERT FILE-10737421062820000011AFile ErrorError reading certificate file!
EINV ASN1 LENGTH-10737421072830000011BFile ErrorInvalid ASN1 object length!
EUNKN CERT FORMAT-10737421082840000011CFile ErrorUnknown certificate file format!
EINV ASN1 VERSION-10737421092850000011DFile ErrorInvalid ASN1 version!
EINV ICC PROFILE-10737421102860000011EFile ErrorInvalid or damaged ICC profile!
EINV ICC DEVICE CLASS-10737421112870000011FFile ErrorUnsupported ICC device class!
EINV ICC COLOR SPACE-107374211228800000120File ErrorUnsupported ICC input color space!
EENCRYPT PDFX-6710915328900000121Syntax ErrorPDF/X or PDF/A compliant PDF files must not be encrypted!
ENO RENERING INTENT-6710915429000000122Syntax ErrorPDF/X and PDF/A compliant PDF files require an ICC Profile! -> See AddRenderingIntent()
EREADING FUNCTION-107374211529100000123File ErrorError reading PDF function!
EUNKN IMAGE FILTER-107374211629200000124File ErrorImage stream uses an unknown filter!
EREADING FONT-107374211729300000125File ErrorError reading font!
EUNKNOWN FONT FORMAT-53687120629400000126Fatal ErrorUnknown font format!
ENO CALLBACK FUNC-6710915929500000127Syntax ErrorThe callback function cannot be NULL!
ENO SYMBOL FONT-26843575229600000128Font ErrorFont does not support symbol encoding!
ERESOURCE NOT FOUND-107374212129700000129File ErrorResource object not found!
EINV INLINE COLORSPACE-10737421222980000012AFile ErrorInvalid inline color space found!
EOPEN PATH-671091632990000012BSyntax ErrorOpen path found! Text cannot be drawn into an open path; the path is discarded!
ENO GSTATE VALUES SET-671091643000000012CSyntax ErrorNo graphics state values are set!
EMIXED DEVICE COLOR SPACE-5368712133010000012DFatal ErrorFile uses multiple device color spaces!
ECHANGED ANNOT PRINT FLAG-335547343020000012EWarningPrint flag of ? annotations changed to printable!
EDELETED TRANSFER FUNCTION-335547353030000012FWarningRemoved ? transfer functions in extendet graphic states!
ESTACK OVERFLOW-26843576030400000130Font ErrorStack overflow!
ESTACK UNDERFLOW-26843576130500000131Font ErrorStack underflow!
EINV ENCODING-26843576230600000132Font ErrorFont contains an invalid or damaged encoding!
EPDFA TRANSFER FUNCTION-53687121930700000133Fatal ErrorFile contains tranfer functions!
EFONT NOT EMBEDDED-53687122030800000134Fatal ErrorNon-embedded font found!
EPDFA GLYPH NOT FOUND-53687122130900000135Fatal ErrorMissing glyph!
EPDFA LAYERS-53687122231000000136Fatal ErrorFile contains layers!
EPDFA INTERPOLATE-53687122331100000137Fatal ErrorThe Interploate key of an inline image is set to true!
EDELETED ANNOTS-3355474431200000138Warning? Prohibited annotations deleted!
EPDFA MULTIMEDIA ANNOTS-53687122531300000139Fatal ErrorFile contains prohibited multimedia annotations!
EDELETED ACTIONS-335547463140000013AWarning? Actions deleted!
EPDFA INV ACTIONS-5368712273150000013BFatal ErrorFile contains prohibited actions!
EDELETED JAVASCRIPTS-335547483160000013CWarning? JavaScripts deleted!
EPDFA JAVASCRIPTS-5368712293170000013DFatal ErrorFile contains prohibited JavaScript functions!
EPDFA RENDERING INTENTS-5368712303180000013EFatal ErrorInvalid rendering intent found!
EPDFA TRANSPARENCY-5368712313190000013FFatal ErrorFile contains transparent objects!
EPDFA FORM FIELDS-53687123232000000140Fatal ErrorFile contains form fields!
EPDFA 3D ANNOT-53687123332100000141Fatal ErrorFile contains 3D annotations!
ECID FONT NOT EMBEDDED-53687123432200000142Fatal ErrorNon embedded CID font found!
EPDFA INV FONT FILE-53687123532300000143Fatal ErrorInvalid embedded font file found!
EPDFA DELETED SIGNATURE-3355475632400000144WarningOne or more digital signatures were deleted!
EDAMAGED ANNOTS-3355475732500000145Warning? Damaged or prohibited annotations deleted!
ENO DYNAPDF FEATURE-3355475832600000146WarningThis function is not part of DynaPDF!
EPDFA INV ICCPROFILE VERS-53687123932700000147Fatal ErrorUnsupported ICC Profile version!
EINCOMPATIBEL ICC PROFILE-6710919232800000148Syntax ErrorThis profile does not support the requied color space!
EPDFA JPX DECODE-53687124132900000149Fatal ErrorJPEG2000 compressed image found!
EUNKNOWN 3D VIEW BASE-10737421543300000014AFile ErrorUnknown 3D View base transformation!
EINV FIELD OF VIEW-671091953310000014BSyntax ErrorField of view (FOV) must be between 0 and 180 for perspective views, greater zero otherwise!
EINV 3DVIEW HANDLE-671091963320000014CSyntax ErrorThe 3D View handle must not be NULL!
EPDFA OPENTYPE FONT-5368712453330000014DFatal ErrorOpenType fonts are not allowed in PDF/A 1!
ENO GLYPHS FOUND-5368712463340000014EFatal ErrorRequired glyph not found!
EPDFA DELETED EMBEDDED FILE-335547673350000014FWarningEmbedded files were deleted!
EPDFA DELETED OPI COMMENTS-3355476833600000150WarningProhibited OPI comments were deleted!
EINV DOC INFO KEY-6710920133700000151Syntax ErrorThe Key must be defined as 7 bit ASCII string without escape or space characters!
EMULTIPLE LAYERS-53687125033800000152Fatal ErrorMutliple documents with layers cannot be imported!
ECANNOT REPLACE FONT-53687125133900000153Fatal ErrorCannot replace damaged font ?! Original font not found!
ENO FONT EMEDDING-26843579634000000154Font ErrorFont ? does not allow embedding!
ECANNOT EMBED FONT-26843579734100000155Font ErrorFont embedding is required but not allowed due to licensing restrictions. Cannot load font!
EINV HMTX TABLE-26843579834200000156Font ErrorFont contains an invalid hmtx table!
EINV DATE TIME VALUE-13421807134300000157Value ErrorInvalid date / time value!
EINV COLLITEM DATA TYPE-53687125634400000158Fatal ErrorData type for key ? does not match definition in collection field!
EUNSUPPORTED FEATURE-6710920934500000159Syntax ErrorFeature or value not supported!
ENO OPEN COLLECTION-671092103460000015ASyntax ErrorNo open collection!
EINV COLLECT COLUMN INDEX-5368712593470000015BFatal ErrorMulitple columns are set to column index ?!
EDUPL NAMED DEST-335547803480000015CWarningThe document contains already a destination with this name!
ECHECK PDF FILES-335547813490000015DWarningThe PDF/A check cannot be executed for imported PDF files. An extended license is required for this feature.
EDISABLED RC4-10737421743500000015EFile ErrorRC4 encryption and decryption was disabled! -> Check your configuration in drv type.h!
EDISABLED SIGNATURE-5368712633510000015FFatal ErrorSigning is not possible due to disabled signature handler!
EPDFA HIDDEN SIGNATURE-53687126435200000160Fatal ErrorHidden signatures are not allowed in PDF/A compliant PDF files!
EPDFA HIDDEN SIG FIELDS-3355478535300000161Warning? Hidden signature fields changed to visible!
EPDFA OPI COMMENTS-53687126635400000162Fatal ErrorPDF file contains OPI comments!
EPDFA EMBEDDED FILES-53687126735500000163Fatal ErrorPDF file contains embedded files!
EPDFA HAVE SIGNED PDF-53687126835600000164Fatal ErrorCannot convert the PDF file without invalidating the digital signature!
EINV VALUE2-6710922135700000165Syntax ErrorThe parameter ? contains invalid values!
EDISABLED EMF CONVERTER-6710922235800000166Syntax ErrorThe EMF converter was disabled! -> Check your configuration in drv type.h!
EINV BASE COLORSPACE-6710922335900000167Syntax ErrorInvalid base or alternate color space!
EPDFA XFA FORM-53687127236000000168Fatal ErrorXFA form found!
EEDIT XFA FORM-3355479336100000169WarningXFA Forms cannot be edited with DynaPDF!
EINV GLYPH WIDTH-5368712743620000016AFatal ErrorEmbedded font contains inconsistent glyph widths!
EREADING POSTSCRIPT-10737421873630000016BFile ErrorError reading postscript calculator function!
EMAX DEVICEN COMPONENTS-10737421883640000016CFile ErrorA DeviceN color space cannot contain more than 32 colorants!
EBIDI ERROR-1342180933650000016DValue ErrorError applying the bidirectional algorithm!
EREPLACE MULIBYTE TEXT-671092303660000016ESyntax ErrorMultibyte strings cannot be replaced with ReplacePageText()!
ECREATE DC-5368712793670000016FFatal ErrorCannot create device context for font selection!
EIMAGE NOT DECOMPRESSED-6710923236800000170Syntax ErrorThe image buffer must not be compressed! Set the flag pfDecomprAllImages in ParseContent()!
ENO IMAGE-6710923336900000171Syntax ErrorNo image in memory! You must call CreateImage() before this function!
EDISABLED LZW DECODER-107374219437000000172File ErrorCannot process LZW encoded PDF files or inline images with disabled LZW decoder!
EDISABLED CCITT DECODER-107374219537100000173File ErrorCannot process CCITT Fax encoded images with disabled CCITT Fax decoder!
EINV DEST TEMPLATE-6710923637200000174Syntax ErrorThe source and destination template cannot be the same!
ECREATE FONT ITERATOR-3355480537300000175WarningCannot create font iterator; no system fonts loaded!
EGET FORK SIZE-107374219837400000176File ErrorCannot get fork size!
ENO OPEN TAG-6710923937500000177Syntax ErrorNo open tag found!
ENO STRUCTURE TREE-6710924037600000178Syntax ErrorYou must create a structure before calling this function!
EOPEN TAG-53687128937700000179Fatal ErrorOpen tag found! All tags must be closed before closing a page or template!
EUNKNOWN CFF OPERATOR-2684358343780000017AFont ErrorCharstring contains unknown CFF operators!
ETOO MANY SUBR CALLS-2684358353790000017BFont ErrorToo many nested subr calls in charstring!
EUNKNOWN CHARSTRING FORMAT-2684358363800000017CFont ErrorUnknown charstring format!
EPDFA LZW DECODE-5368712933810000017DFatal ErrorLZW compressed inline image found!
EPDFA OUT OF RANGE-5368712943820000017EFatal ErrorA number value in content stream exceeds PDF limits!
EPDFA INV RESTORE-5368712953830000017FFatal ErrorContent stream contains unbalanced save/restore graphic state operators!
EPDFA SAVED GSTATES-53687129638400000180Fatal ErrorContent stream exceeds nested graphic states limit!
EPDFA NON EMBEDDED CMAP-53687129738500000181Fatal ErrorCID font uses non-embedded CMap!
EPDF ALTERNATE IMAGES-53687129838600000182Fatal ErrorAlternate image found!
ECOLOR COMPONENTS MISSMATCH-6710925138700000183Syntax ErrorNumber of components does not match the number of components of the color space!
EPDFA POSTSCRIPT XOBJECT-53687130038800000184Fatal ErrorThe use of PostScript XObjects is prohibited in PDF/A!
EPASSWORD NOT REVERSIBLE-13421811738900000185Value ErrorEither the Open or Owner password is not reversible!
EDISABLED AES-6710925439000000186Syntax ErrorAES encryption and decryption was disabled! -> Check your configuration in drv type.h!
EINV CRYPT KEY LENGTH-107374221539100000187File ErrorCertificate uses an unsupported encrpytion key length!
EINV DEVICEN COLORANT-6710925639200000188Syntax ErrorThe colorant ? is not defined in the color space!
ECOLORANT MISSMATCH-6710925739300000189Syntax ErrorColorant missmatch: ? refers to ? in the Separation color space!
EUNKNOWN OPERATOR-5368713063940000018AFatal ErrorContent stream contains undefined operators!
EPDFA DELETED METADATA-335548273950000018BWarningOne or more Metadata streams were deleted!
EPDFA DAMAGED FONT-5368713083960000018CFatal ErrorFile contains a damaged font!
EPDFA NAME LENGTH-5368713093970000018DFatal ErrorName length exceeds PDF limits!
ENO CFF TABLE-2684358543980000018EFont ErrorCFF table not found!
ENO ACROFORM-335548313990000018FWarningNo form fields in memory!
EGLYPH NOT FOUND-3355483240000000190WarningFont: ? ? glyphs not found!
ENO CMAP FILE-107374222540100000191File ErrorThis is no valid CMap file!
EREADING CMAP FILE-107374222640200000192File ErrorError loading CMap file!
ECMAP NOT FOUND-107374222740300000193File ErrorCMap file not found!
EBASE CMAP NOT FOUND-107374222840400000194File ErrorRequired base cmap file not found!
EREARRANGED FONT CMAP-107374222940500000195File ErrorThe ~rearrangedfont operator is not permitted in PDF compatible CMaps!
EBEGIN MATRIX OPERATOR-107374223040600000196File ErrorThe ~usematrix operator is not permitted in PDF compatible CMaps!
EINV ALTERNATE FONT-53687131940700000197Fatal ErrorGlyph metrics of alternate font are not compatible!
EINV STRUCT SIZE-6710927240800000198Syntax ErrorStructure size must be set to sizeof(StructureName)!
ELOAD TO UNICODE CMAP-107374223340900000199File ErrorCannot load required CID to Unicode CMap file!
EINCOMPATIBLE CID FONT-2684358664100000019AFont ErrorCID font and CMap file are incompatible!
EUNISCRIBE NOT FOUND-2684358674110000019BFont ErrorCannot find usp10.dll. Uniscribe features are disabled!
EMISSING UNISCRIBE FUNC-2684358684120000019CFont ErrorRequired Uniscribe function not found. Uniscribe features are disabled!
ETAGGING DISABLED-2684358694130000019DFont ErrorTagging is disabled! Maybe two PDF files with tagging information imported?
EINV FONT INDEX-2684358704140000019EFont ErrorInvalid font index!
EDYNAPDF STARTER-5368713274150000019FFatal ErrorThis function, feature, or enum is not available in the Starter Edition!
ESTARTER FORMFIELDS-536871328416000001A0Fatal ErrorForm fields are not supported in the Starter Edition!
ENO EXTERNAL SIGNATURE-67109281417000001A1Syntax ErrorCloseAndSignFileExt() must be called before this function!
EMISSING SPOOL FONT-33554850418000001A2WarningRequired font: ? not found!
EPDFA INV IMAGE MASK-536871331419000001A3Fatal ErrorInvalid image mask found in inline image!
EINV OBJ NUM FMT-33554852420000001A4WarningObject number has wrong format!
ENULL NAME-33554853421000001A5WarningName object with zero length!
EREADING PAGE OBJECT-33554854422000001A6WarningError reading page object!
EREADING SOFTMASK-1073742247423000001A7File ErrorUnknown soft mask type!
ENO FREE LINK NAME-536871336424000001A8Fatal ErrorCannot find a free object link name!
ECANNOT WRITE TO FILE-536871337425000001A9Fatal ErrorCannot write data to output file!
ENO OPEN LAYER-33554858426000001AAWarningNo open layer in memory!
EMERGE XFA FORM-536871339427000001ABFatal ErrorXFA Forms cannot be merged!
EPDFA UNUSED STACK PARMS-1073742252428000001ACFile ErrorContent stream ends with unconsumed operators on the stack!
EOPERANTS MISMATCH-1073742253429000001ADFile ErrorNumber of operants does not match with operator!
EMC NESTING LEVEL-1073742254430000001AEFile ErrorToo many nested marked content operators!
EINVALID EMC OPERATOR-1073742255431000001AFFile ErrorEMC operator without preceding BMC or BDC operator!
ENO OPEN OUTPUT FILE-67109296432000001B0Syntax ErrorNo open output file!
EMISSING STRUCT PARENTS-1073742257433000001B1File ErrorMissing StructParents array in ParentTree! Structure Tree is damaged!
EDISABLED RASTERIZER-67109298434000001B2Syntax ErrorThe Rasterizer was disabled! -> Check your configuration in drv type.h!
EINV SCANLINE LEN-67109299435000001B3Syntax ErrorScanline length is too short for the specified pixel format!
EINV CERT LENGTH-536871348436000001B4Fatal ErrorPKCS#7 object is longer than specified! Expected length: ?, Current length: ?!
ETHREAD CREATION ERROR-536871349437000001B5Fatal ErrorUnable to create a new thread!
ENOT INITIALIZED-536871350438000001B6Fatal ErrorCache is not initialized!
EDAMAGED INLINE IMAGE-1073742263439000001B7File ErrorContent stream contains a damaged or invalid inline image!
EOPEN GRAY PROFILE-1073742264440000001B8File ErrorCannot open Gray ICC Profile!
EOPEN RGB PROFILE-1073742265441000001B9File ErrorCannot open RGB ICC Profile!
EOPEN CMYK PROFILE-1073742266442000001BAFile ErrorCannot open CMYK ICC Profile!
EOPEN DEVICE PROFILE-1073742267443000001BBFile ErrorCannot open Device Profile!
ERECURSION DEPTH-1073742268444000001BCFile ErrorObject exceeds maximum recursion depth!
EMISSING FONT RESOURCE-1073742269445000001BDFile ErrorMissing font resource!
EDAMAGED TT FONT-1073742270446000001BEFile ErrorCannot load TrueType glyph. Glyph table is damaged!
ECOMBO BOX NOT EDITABLE-67109311447000001BFSyntax ErrorCombo box is not editable. Set the field flag ffEdit before editing the field's value!
ENO BACKGROUND OBJECT-67109312448000001C0Syntax ErrorTables and rows do not support foreground objects!
EEMPTY PARENT NODE-67109313449000001C1Syntax ErrorThe parent node cannot be empty!
EMAX INDIRECT OBJECTS-536871362450000001C2Fatal ErrorMaximum number of indirect objects exceeded! Allowed: 8388607\nObjects in memory: ?
EOPEN PROOF PROFILE-1073742275451000001C3File ErrorCannot open soft proof profile!
EFONT NOT FOUND EX-33554884452000001C4WarningFont ? not found!
EFONT NOT FOUND EXU-33554885453000001C5WarningFont ? not found!
EOPEN PROXY-536871366454000001C6Fatal ErrorCannot open proxy!
EINV SPOOL FILE-1073742279455000001C7File ErrorThis is no valid EMF spool file!
EINV GDI SUBSET-268435912456000001C8Font ErrorInvalid GDI subset font!
EPDFA INV MATRIX-536871369457000001C9Fatal ErrorThe content stream contains an invalid transformation matrix!
EINV PROOF COLOR SPACE-1073742282458000001CAFile ErrorUnsupported proof color space!
ENO EDITING FONT-268435915459000001CBFont ErrorFont ? prohibits editing! Fields which use this font should be set to read only!
EPDFA MEDIA BOX TOO LARGE-536871372460000001CCFatal ErrorMedia box exceeds PDF limits! A PDF page cannot be larger than 14400 x 14400 units!
ENO SOFTMASK GROUP-1073742285461000001CDFile ErrorMissing transparency group in soft mask!
EINV SOFTMASK BACKCLR CS-1073742286462000001CEFile ErrorInvalid soft mask background color space!
ENAME LENGTH LIMIT-1073742287463000001CFFile ErrorName length exceeds DynaPDF limits!
EDISABLED COLOR MANAGEMENT-67109328464000001D0Syntax ErrorColor management must be initialized before calling this function!
EINV DEVICE PROFILE-1073742289465000001D1File ErrorThe base color space of the device profile must be Gray, RGB, or CMYK!
ECHILD PARENT CONFLICT-67109330466000001D2Syntax ErrorThe parent bookmark is already a child of this bookmark!
EPDFA DICT LIMIT-536871379467000001D3Fatal ErrorA dictionary contains more than 4095 elements!
EPDFA INV BLEND CS-536871380468000001D4Fatal ErrorA transparency group uses an invalid blending color space!
EDELETED POSTSCRIPT-536871381469000001D5Fatal Error? prohibited Postscript XObjects deleted!
ENO OC USAGE-67109334470000001D6Syntax ErrorThe OCG contains no Content Usage dictionary!
EPDFA ARRAY LIMIT-536871383471000001D7Fatal ErrorAn array contains more than 8191 elements!
EUNSUPPORTED PRINT OS-67109336472000001D8Syntax ErrorPrinting is not supported on this operating system!
EMISSING DC-67109337473000001D9Syntax ErrorThe parameter DC cannot be NULL!
EMISSING CMYK PROFILE-67109338474000001DASyntax ErrorThe device profile is required for CMYK output!
ENO MARKUP ANNOTATION-67109339475000001DBSyntax ErrorFeature or value is supported by markup annotations only!
EPDFA2 OPM MODE-536871388476000001DCFatal ErrorOverprint mode must be zero!
EPDFA APP EVENTS-67109341477000001DDSyntax ErrorApplication events are prohibited in PDF/A!
ECHANGED COLORANT NAMES-33554910478000001DEWarningInvalid UTF-8 colorant names of ? color spaces were changed!
EPDFA NEED RGB ICC PROFILE-536871391479000001DFFatal ErrorMissing RGB ICC profile! Set the OnReplaceICCProfile callback function to convert this file successfully!
EPDFA REF NOTDEF-536871392480000001E0Fatal ErrorPage references .notdef glyph!
EPDFA2 HALFTONE-536871393481000001E1Fatal ErrorHalftones are prohibited in PDF/A 2 and 3!
EPDFA2 HALFTONES DELETED-33554914482000001E2Warning? Halftone screens deleted!
EPDFA2 NO PRESENTATION-536871395483000001E3Fatal ErrorPresentations are prohibited in PDF/A 2 and 3!
EPDFA2 PRESENTATION DELETED-33554916484000001E4Warning? Presentation settings deleted!
EPDFA INV BBOX RANGE-536871397485000001E5Fatal ErrorBounding box exceeds PDF limits!
EINV GLYPH INDEX-67109350486000001E6Syntax ErrorInvalid glyph index!
ENO TYPE3 ENCODING-536871399487000001E7Fatal ErrorMissing Type3 font encoding!
EENCRYPT FLUSHED PAGES-536871400488000001E8Fatal ErrorFlushPages() and can encryption cannot be combined. Import the resulting file again and encrypt it.
EMISSING XML INVOICE-536871401489000001E9Fatal ErrorMissing ZUGFeRD XML invoice!
EPDFA TYPE3 CONVERSION-536871402490000001EAFatal ErrorStandard font requires multiple instances of Type3 font for correct results!
EPDFA INVISIBLE LAYER-536871403491000001EBFatal ErrorInvisible layers are prohibited in PDF/A 2 and 3!
EDYNAPDF MIN LITE-536871404492000001ECFatal ErrorThis function requires DynaPDF Lite or higher!
EPDFA NEED CMYK ICC PROFILE-536871405493000001EDFatal ErrorMissing CMYK ICC profile! Set the OnReplaceICCProfile callback function to convert this file successfully!
EINV OUTPUT RECT-67109358494000001EESyntax ErrorInvalid output rectangle!
EINV DEVICE CONTEXT-67109359495000001EFSyntax ErrorInvalid device context!
EDAMAGED GLYPH-536871408496000001F0Fatal ErrorEmbedded font contains one or more damaged glyphs!
ESOFTFONT SIZE-107374292411000000044CFile Error
EINV PCL FONT TYPE-107374292511010000044DFile Error
ENO OPEN DOCUMENT-6710996611020000044ESyntax Error
EOPEN DOCUMENT-6710996711030000044FSyntax Error
ENO OUT STREAM-536872016110400000450Fatal Error
EINV PIXEL FORMAT-67109969110500000451Syntax Error
EINV CCITT BUFFER-67109970110600000452Syntax Error
ECHANGE COLOR SPACE-67109971110700000453Syntax Error
ENOT IMPLEMENTED-67109972110800000454Syntax Error
EPLCX RANGE ERROR-536872021110900000455Fatal Error
EPATH TOO LARGE-536872022111000000456Fatal Error
ENO FEATURE CONFIG-33555543111100000457Warning
ENO STD FONT HANDLER-33555544111200000458Warning
ENO PCL STREAM-1073742937111300000459File Error
EUNKNOWN PXL OPERATOR-107374293811140000045AFile Error
EINV PXL DATA TYPE-107374293911150000045BFile Error
EUNKNOWN PXL PARM-107374294011160000045CFile Error
EPXL ESCAPE SEQUENCE-107374294111170000045DFile Error
EPXL ASCII BINDING-107374294211180000045EFile Error
EINV PXL ENUM-107374294311190000045FFile Error
ENO FREE PATTERN ID-1073742944112000000460File Error
EINV PXL STREAM-1073742945112100000461File Error
EPXL PARM NOT FOUND-1073742946112200000462File Error
EPXL STREAM NOT FOUND-1073742947112300000463File Error
EINV PCL SEQUENCE-1073742948112400000464File Error
EINV PATTERN ID-1073742949112500000465File Error
ENO PATTERN INDEXED CS-1073742950112600000466File Error
EMULTIPLE BEGIN FONT-1073742951112700000467File Error
EPXL STREAM BINDING-1073742952112800000468File Error
EDELTA ROW COMPRESSION-1073742953112900000469File Error
EPXL SET DEFAULT GS-107374295411300000046AFile Error
EPCL5 SET FONT STRING-107374295511310000046BFile Error
ERENDER GLYPH-26843658811320000046CFont Error
EZPL IMAGE ORIENTATION-6710999711330000046DSyntax Error
EPCL MAX GLYPH COUNT-3355556611340000046EWarning
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