Training at MBS Xojo Developer Conference

Come to Andernach on 24th April 2024 to join us in this training just a day before our MBS Xojo Developer Conference.

Picture of the training room.


Based on the wishes of the training group we develop several little projects to show the various features, best practise and techniques. We will use Xojo for desktop, web, console, Android and iOS projects.

For example, we could build a program to write entries to a database. A web application for the same database to display the entries and provide a web service. We could address this web service in an iOS and Android project to see entries. This could be an appointment booking solution or a conference app.

08:00RegistrationWelcome coffee with biscuits in the lobby.
09:00WelcomeWelcome and round of introductions
09:30Block 1First round of programming.
10:30Coffee break
11:00Block 2Databases
12:30Lunch breakEither downstairs or in Sky Restaurant.
14:00Block 3Web Services
15:30Coffee break
16:00Block 4Best practices
16:30Q & ASome more questions? Please ask us.

On the evening before we'd like to offer a get-together where we can have dinner together. Starting at 18 o'clock, you can find people gathering at the hotel bar. Later we visit a restaurant for dinner. Details to be announced.

All trainees receive example projects and slides by email after the training.

Date: 24th April 2024 in English.
Cost: 499 €, plus VAT if needed.
Location: Einstein Hotel Am Römerpark in Andernach.
Trainees: 5 to 12.
Trainer: Christian Schmitz
Requirements: Mobile computer with Xojo installation.

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Outside picture of the hotel showing the front door and lift.

The Einstein Hotel Am Römerpark in Andernach at the Rhine is a modern business and conference hotel that welcomes you with unique ambiance and modern facilities.

For our event, we ordered free non alcoholic drinks and lunch as 2-course-menu or buffet.

For our conference we blocked rooms: double bed room for 120 Euro/night (130 Euro/night for two people). You can reserve your room with the conference registration and later adjust the booking if needed. All rooms can be cancelled a week before the conference without a penalty.

Booking can happen:

  • With your registration, so we pass information to the hotel.
  • You reserve yourself with an email to and include the group code Xojo.
  • Not using the website! The days are blocked there.

Those prices include breakfast, services charges and tax. Parking in the garage is an extra 10 Euro/night. There is a public parking garage around the block. As rooms are limited, please include your room wish with your registration.


Other Hotels

Hotel "Villa am Rhein", other side of the street

Parkhotel "Am Schänzchen", 100m

Rhein-Hotel, Hotel zum Anker and Hotel Rheinkrone, 500m, all three on the picture below:

Picture of nearby hotels.



The hotel is located at Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 8, 56626 Andernach. That is the street directly next to the Rhine.

by airplane ✈️

If you fly, target the airport Frankfurt/Main (FRA), Frankfurt/Hahn (HHN) or Colonge (CGN).

From Frankfurt/Main go to the train station and take a train to Andernach. While there are direct trains, it is quite likely, that you need to switch trains in Mainz or Koblenz.

From Frankfurt/Hahn, you find a bus shuttle to Koblenz main station from where you can take a train to Andernach. Or you get a taxi, but it may cost significant for the 100 km distance over the highway.

From Colonge Airport you take S19 to main station and from there you can find plenty of direct trains to Andernach.

If you stop by in Cologne, you may want to put your luggage in a locker at the train station and then explore the city. The cathedral is next to the train station, as well as the old city with the Rhine promenade and the German Roman museum complex. Or just stay a day there to explore this big city.

by train 🚆

From main station you can walk to the hotel in about 15 minutes (1.2 km).

OpenStreetMap drew us this nice map:

Map of the area with walkway from train station to the hotel.

Leave the train station through the main hall and walk though the bus station. Continue along the railroad embankment towards the roundabout and there turn right below the train bridge following the Bahnhofstraße. Turn left on the Friedrichstraße. Follow the street and pass by the city wall with train still on the left side. Then turn right into Kirchstraße and follow it. You pass by some old houses and the church called Mariendom. A block later you see a historic garden on the right and after that the next block on the right is the hotel. The one with the big lift on the front.

by car 🚗

Ask your GPS for directions to Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 8, 56626 Andernach.

For parking you can use the hotel parking garage for 10 Euro/night. The parking near the hotel otherwise is mostly paid parking of some kind including the parking garage "Runder Turm" around the corner in the Agrippastraße.

Free parking can be found, e.g. a few hundred meters away in the residential neighbourhoods around the old city. There is a big public and free parking area on the north of the train station. Be aware, that the front section from the entrance on Bahnhofstraße is paid parking, so you have to drive to the back area for the free section.

You can of course park in front of the hotel for a few minutes to unload your luggage.


Special Train Offers

For our non European visitors (e.g. USA or Canada), we highly recommend to check the special offers from for you. A Rail Pass may help you get around within Germany and see other places.

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