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Come to metropolitan Berlin on 4th and 5th May 2017 to join us for our Xojo conference. Meet Xojo developers from all over Europe.

Monkeybread Software is pleased to organize the biggest European Xojo conference right here in Germany. People from all over Europe, Australia and North America plan to join us. This is your chance to the meet the Xojo Community and finally know the faces for all the forum members.

Join us the days before for our Xojo Training.

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Schedule Day 1, Thursday, 4th May 2017:

8:00RegistrationIn the lobby.
9:15Keynote XojoGeoff Perlman from Xojo, Inc. present what is new and upcoming with Xojo.
10:30Coffee break
11:00Keynote MBSNew features in MBS Plugins
What is new in MBS Plugins and what is in the pipeline?
by Christian Schmitz
11:45iOSDesigning and optimising iOS apps
Simulating a throttled network, improving design, automatic crash reports and more...
by Jérémie Leroy
14:00Raspberry PiUsing Xojo and Raspberry Pi to create a laboratory setup for HVAC students
by Mattias Sandström
14:45ReportingReporting in Xojo
by Bob Keeney
15:30Coffee break
16:00DatabaseTailor made software for business
For rapid application design developing libraries and abstraction of best practices and principles is a must. We will talk about and demo flexible usage of databases, audit trail, flexible graphical design and generating pdf-reports, multi-lingual, system logging and implemented workflow management.
by Joost Rongen & Paul Sondervan
16:30OAuthIntegrating OAuth authentication in your projects with 100% Xojo code. A practical example with Twitter.
Most of the major social networks handle authentication using OAuth protocol. We are going to step all the ways to integrate OAuth in your project with Xojo code only. Then we will make it practical with a Twitter example.
by Stéphane Pinel
17:15NotificationsPush Notifications and Background Refresh on Xojo iOS
by Yousaf Shah
18:30Evening EventBarbecue in summer garden

Schedule Day 2, Friday, 5th May 2017:

8:00RegistrationIn the lobby.
9:00Welcome back
9:10SessionNew Xojo Framework
by Travis Hill
10:30Coffee break
11:00Web AppsPackaging a WebApp inside a desktop app to ease the pain for customers and updating
von David Cox
11:45Raspberry PiRaspi, Webcam & Weather information
Short overview of a WebCam Server project for a model airfield.
Heinz-Jürgen Groß reports about his first experience with Raspi.
What is new in DynaPDF for editing PDF files?
by Jens Boschulte.
14:45DatabasesDatabase Design Mistakes
by Carol Keeney
15:30Coffee break
16:00ScriptingAdvanced Xojoscript
by Marc Zeedar
16:45BusinessRunning a business
My experience of running a software business, how to keep clients happy and build great software for them.
by Yousaf Shah
17:30Feedback / Q&A / RaffleAsk questions and give feedback.
18:30BusBus to Stone Brewering.
Bus leaves 18:30 o'clock, Return 22 o'clock. If you miss the bus, you can follow us by taxi.

Special guests:

  • Geoff Perlman, CEO and Founder of Xojo, Inc.
  • Travis Hill, engineer at Xojo, Inc.
  • Stéphane Pinel, build engineer at Xojo Inc.
  • Ulrich Bogun, German Xojo Evangelist at Xojo Inc.
  • Antonio Rinaldi, Italian Xojo Evangelist at Xojo Inc.
  • Javier Rodriguez Menéndez, Spanish Xojo Evangelist at Xojo Inc.
  • Jens Boschulte from DynaForms GmbH will be present to answer questions regarding DynaPDF library.
  • Jérémie Leroy, developing custom controls for Xojo
  • Carol and Bob Keeney from BKeeney Software Inc.
  • Marc Zeedar, publisher or the Xojo Developer Magazine
  • Björn Eiriksson from Einhugur, plugin developer.

On the evening before we'd like to offer a get-together where we can have dinner together. Starting at 18 o'clock, you can find people gathering at the hotel bar. Later we visit a restaurant for dinner. Table is reserved.

Date4th and 5th May 2017
LocationEllington Hotel in Berlin
Cost499 € plus VAT for two days.
Prices for groups or students on request.

This event is organized by Christian Schmitz of Monkeybread Software. Engineers from Xojo, Inc. will be available onsite for questions.

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Do you want to be a sponsor? Please contact us. You can include your flyer in our welcome bag, put a poster on a wall or have a table to present your products.

The money sponsored by companies is appreciated and used to pay for common costs and allows us to offer more or better hosting to the group. For example to pay the dinner on the evening before the conference.

One way to sponsor is to pay for an additional ticket. We can than assign it to a student or a member of the community who can't pay a ticket himself/herself, so more people have a chance to come to the conference.

Video only ticket

If you can't attend in person, you can still ask for a video only ticket.

It costs the same as a regular ticket and we grant you access to all the materials from Koblenz 2016 as well as Berlin 2017. This includes slides, audio and video recordings.

There will be no live broadcasts and we don't guarantee any availability of videos/audios or their quality.


The 4 star Ellington Hotel in Berlin is a modern business and conference hotel that welcomes you with unique ambiance and modern facilities.

hotel picture

For our event, we ordered free non alcoholic drinks and lunch as 3-course-menu or buffet. Free Wifi is included.

For our conference we blocked rooms: single (108 €/night) or double bed room (118 €/night). You can reserve yourself on the hotel website with keyword "Xojo" or include your room wish in the conference registration. You can later adjust the booking if needed. Our blocked rooms are available till three months before the conference.

Those prices include services charges and tax, but no breakfast (extra 20 Euro/person/day). As rooms are limited, please include your room wish with your registration. Or contact the hotel directly: reservierung@ellington-hotel.com or +49 30 68 315 2301 or Fax +49 30 68315 5555.


See Hotel Webseite

Special Train Offers

For our non European visitors (e.g. USA or Canada), we highly recommend to check the special offers from Bahn.de for you. For example within 30 days you can use a 3 day pass for just 188 Euro. You can start in Frankfurt/Main (most direct flights from there), take a direct train to Berlin, stay there for a visit, take another train to Munich, enjoy a few days there and take a final train back to the airport in Frankfurt. Of course you can stay in Frankfurt another night and enjoy visiting German's financial capital.

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