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Come to metropolitan Cologne on 24th and 25th October 2019 to join us for our 12th European Xojo conference, organized by Monkeybread Software. Meet Xojo developers from all over Europe.

Monkeybread Software is pleased to organize the biggest European Xojo conference right here in Germany. People from all over Europe, and even North America plan to join us. This is your chance to the meet the Xojo Community and finally know the faces for all the forum members.

Founded by the romans around 2000 years ago, Cologne is one of the oldest cities and with over a million people the 4th largest city in Germany.
Be sure to visit the nearby cathedral with a climb up to the towers and a visit to the treasure chamber. To learn more about the roman history, please visit the Romano-Germanic museum next to the cathedral.

Join us the days before for our Xojo Training. Register here

Tue, 22nd Oct 201915:30 o'clockOptional sight seeing
EveningEvening before training in the hotel-bar, optional dinner
Wed, 23rd Oct 20199:00 o'clockXojo Training in Englisch
EveningEvening before conference in the hotel-bar, optional dinner in groups
Thu, 24th Oct 20199:00 o'clock1st day of Xojo conference
18:00 o'clockMeeting in the hotel-lobby for walk to dinner
18:30 o'clockCologne dinner evening in Höhner Stall
Fri, 25th Oct 20199:00 o'clock2nd day of Xojo conference
18:00 o'clockMeeting in the hotel-lobby for walk to dinner
18:30 o'clockDinner in Hard Rock Cafe Cologne
Sat, 26th Oct 20199:00 o'clockXojo Training in German
EveningOptional dinner

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This year we got some videos by letting an action cam record the event. The quality is not as good as we hoped for, but better than nothing.

You can get the videos/slides with a video ticket here: Order here

Price is 199 Euro + VAT and will help to fund future events.

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Schedule Day 1, Thursday, 24th October 2019:

TimePipin Ballroom 1
In the lobby with Coffee & Tea.
9:15Keynote: An Update on Xojo
Geoff will be bringing us up-to-date on the status of various important developments with Xojo and what the future holds.
by Geoff Perlman.
10:30Coffee break
11:00Keynote: New features in MBS Plugins
What is new in MBS Plugins since last conference?
by Christian Schmitz
11:45TipControl Shows Plug & Play Your Microcontrollers With MQTT
We will introduce you a new way of integrating custom micro controllers into your software projects. Your IoT device, plug and play without a single line of C/C++ code. Create your own MQTT client/server application with XOJO libraries and simulate micro controllers like TipControl. Create a micro controller mash network and connect several TipControlers to it. We show you how simple it is to connect, configure and control your own custom hardware.
by Reinhard Blumauer
13:30Improving The In-app Payment Conversion Rate In Your iOS / Mac Apps
Learn how to easily increase your revenue with an iOS / Mac app that includes in-app purchases. Average in-app conversion rate is below 2%. Drawing experience from 6 apps released on the App Store, A|B testing and countless hours of mastering the App Store, these simple steps will help you achieve 5-10% conversion rate and improve your app ratings in no time.
by Jérémie Leroy
14:15Using Apache Velocity for generating Xojo code from an existing database model
Using templates is a common shortcut for any developer already. Designing database application makes this principle even more important. See how Apache Velocity can be used to create a Xojo database window from any existing data model without coding. Learn how to adapt a template to your needs. And take home an idea of the future of coding together with an open source piece of Xojo code to try it out yourself.
by Michael Dettmer
15:00The Developers Guide To Marketing
For most developers, marketing is a mysterious alien technology, but it doesn’t have to be - a developer who can market is unstoppable. By focusing your attention on attracting the right people and by taking a creative approach, you can generate buzz, boost your sales and expand your brand. Learn how to get started with market research, identify the right marketing tools, design a great landing page, effectively manage marketing communications and make a splash on social media. Once you get organized and make a plan, it's really not as hard as you think!
by Dana Brown
15:45Coffee break
16:15Bucket Chemistry.
How to use CURLMBS to store your files in Amazon AWS and/or Alibaba. Upload, download, delete and list your files easily. Also how to massively reduce your monthly AWS storage costs down to merely cents.
by David Cox
17:00Mobile App Framework
Use of a simple framework in your Xojo app for replying to user request, control your app, sending notification and so on. From checking the status of an industrial plant to controlling home lights, from making a reservation in a store to sending images or documents to selected users. All without the need to develop a mobile app or care about a website.
by Antonio Rinaldi
18:00Meet in the lobby to walk to restaurant.
Cologne dinner evening in Höhner Stall

Schedule Day 2, Friday, 25th October 2019:

TimePipin Ballroom 1
In the lobby with Coffee & Tea.
9:00Welcome back
9:05Apple Apps on Fire
Using the Accelerate Framework for High-Speed Data Manipulation
macOS and iOS have built-in support for the Accelerate framework which unleashes the parallel vector processing capabilities of the CPU, making all the above possible. In this session, you learn how to
  • use Accelerate framework’s DSP methods for real-time data handling and processing on Xojo MemoryBlocks,
  • turbocharge Roger Meier’s great DataPlot classes for real-time data visualization,
  • use Apple’s NSData class for fast and reliable data handling,
  • build your own declares into the Accelerate framework,
  • use CSDataView, a free tool for Accelerate module checks.
by Ulrich Bogun
9:45Data acquisition and data processing with Arduino and Xojo
Arduino is an easy-to-use and inexpensive open-source electronics platform. With Arduino boards you can easily read sensor data and turn the data into an output. You can control the board by sending a set of instructions to the microcontroller on the board. While the Arduino boards bring their own programming environment, I will show you some interesting examples where we use Xojo to send commands to the board and to acquire/process data from the board.
by Christian Mézes
10:30Coffee break
11:00PIIOX - the ultimate Raspberry PI - IO-Box
Up to 28 Raspberry Pi computers in one box on a versatile bus system running software made by Xojo and controlled with a Xojo made management application.
by Daniel Burkhalter
11:45How to publish an application everywhere
How I have taken a simple application for children and placed it on my web site (macOS, Windows, Linux and rPi), in the App Store, Windows Store, and is in development on both iOS and as a web app.
by David Cox
13:30Android Overview
An in depth update on the progress that has been made on our upcoming Android support over the last 6 months.
by Geoff Perlman
14:15Tip Control
Live Demo and how to program them
15:00Web Edition
The Xojo Web Edition is a fantastic tool for developing complex web applications.
The Web gives us a variety of ways how we can design our applications. At the same time, users have high demands on the user interfaces and usability of web applications. Also it is much more complex to design good interfaces for the web than for native applications.
This talk shows you ways how to design modern user interfaces in the Xojo web edition, which guidelines you should follow while designing web interfaces, and it gives you a few "best practices" as tips.
by Lars Lehmann
15:45Coffee break
With Apple's powerful SceneKit framework, you can easily show 3D graphics in your application. We show you what SceneKit can do, how to load models and generate 3D objects on the fly, add textures and animate them on screen.
by Stefanie Juchmes
Time to say goodbye with raffle.
18:30Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Cologne

Schedule will change till conference and sessions will be added as speaker can confirm them. If speakers are unable to attend, we will schedule different sessions.

On the evening before we'd like to offer a get-together where we can have dinner together. Starting at 18 o'clock, you can find people gathering at the hotel bar. Later we visit a restaurant for dinner. Table is reserved.

Date24th and 25th October 2019
LocationDorint Hotel Cologne am Heumarkt
Attendees50 to 100
Cost 599 Euro till 31st August 2019.
Regular tickets 699 €.
All prices plus VAT if needed for two days.

Prices for groups, students, unemployed or retired on request.

Company for Thursday evening dinner is welcome. We charge 50 € per adult. Please note in registration how many adults and children.

This event is organized by Christian Schmitz of Monkeybread Software and not be confused with the official Xojo Developer Conference in May 2019 in Miami. Xojo staff will be available onsite for questions in Cologne.

Special guests:

This year, the following celebrity guests plan to join our conference:

  • Geoff Perlman, CEO and Founder of Xojo, Inc.
  • Dana Brown, Director of Marketing at Xojo Inc.
  • Stéphane Pinel, QA Lead at Xojo Inc.
  • Dmytro Skrypnyk, developer of LibXL.
  • Jens Boschulte from DynaForms GmbH will be present to answer questions regarding DynaPDF library.
  • Jérémie Leroy, developing custom controls for Xojo

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Young developers

We like to offer young developers the possibility to meet the Xojo community, get in touch with other developers and maybe find first clients or an employer.

Until 24th April 2019 you can apply for one of three free conference tickets.


  • You speak english and you can follow the conference.
  • You are 25 years old or younger.
  • You have done your first Xojo projects and know Xojo a little bit.
  • You are sure you can cover your cost of travel, food and hotel room. (Hostel available nearby)
  • You have the required passport or Visa to travel to Cologne.


Do you want to be a sponsor?
Please contact us. You can include your flyer in our welcome bag, put a poster on a wall or have a table to present your products.

The money sponsored by companies is appreciated and used to pay for common costs and allows us to offer more or better hosting to the group. For example to pay the dinner on the evening before the conference.

One way to sponsor is to pay for an additional ticket. We can than assign it to a student or a member of the community who can't pay a ticket himself/herself, so more people have a chance to come to the conference.

Optional Sight Seeing

For 22nd October, we'll organize a guided private tour to the roof of the cathedral (or with bad weather to the underground or backstage parts). We can invite up to 15 people for the tour. Let us know if you are interested to join us.

Participants need to be 16 year old. They do have a cargo lift, but if it's not available or broken that day, we may need to take the 240 steps to walk up. Please sign up for the conference, make your hotel reservation and let us know whether you have time. Same evening we may go for dinner after the tour. Start time is probably around 15:30 o'clock at the hotel.


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🏨 Hotel

The 5 star Dorint Hotel Cologne am Heumarkt is a modern business and conference hotel that welcomes you with unique ambiance and modern facilities.

hotel picture

For our event, we ordered free non alcoholic drinks, coffee breaks with little snacks and lunch as 3-course-menu or buffet. Free Wifi is included for the hotel, and we have an extra conference Wifi for us.

For our conference we blocked rooms: single (169 €/night) or double bed room (204 €/night). This includes breakfast, a coffee- and tea machine and free cancelation up to 7 days before. You can reserve yourself on the hotel website with room contingent named "Xojo" or include your room wish in the conference registration. You can later adjust the booking if needed. Our blocked rooms are available till two months before the conference.

Those prices include services charges, tax and breakfast. For SPA there is an extra 15 € fee. As rooms are limited, please include your room wish with your registration. Or contact the hotel directly: Website, or +49 221 2806-0.

Around our conference hotel, there are over 30 other hotels, so you may find cheaper rooms nearby if needed.

Alternative Hotels nearby

City Art & Culture Tax

As of the 1st October 2010 the City of Cologne is collecting a “City Art & Culture Tax”, amounting to 5% of the accommodation rate (plus VAT). According to German law, our prices are displayed as “inclusive prices”, i.e. including current VAT and levies.

Business trips are tax free if you provide this form to the hotel with your details: Deutsch / English

🗺 Directions

The conference hotel is located next to the main station in cologne and just a short walk away (100 meter).

See Hotel website on how to get there

✈️ Flights

To avoid a second immigration procedure, please consider to fly from your country directly to an EU country, do the immigration there and continue to Cologne within the EU.

  • Airport Cologne CGN

    Local airport in Cologne/Bonn metropolitan area.

    By train to Cologne main station in about 15 minutes by local S and RE trains. Tarif starts at 2.90 € for single trip. Day ticket is 8.60 € in case you want to do more on the same day.

    International direct connections to over 30 countries.

    Cologne Bonn Airport

  • Airport Düsseldorf DUS

    Biggest airport in North Rhine-Westphalia state and hub for Eurowings airline.

    By train to Cologne main station in about 40 minutes by local RE trains for 11.50 €.

    International direct connections to over 50 countries including direct flights to Atlanta (USA), Abu Dhabi (VAE), Tokyo (Japan) and New York (USA).

    Düsseldorf Airport

  • Airport Frankfurt/Main FRA

    Germany's biggest airport with best connections usually.

    By train to Cologne main station in about 50 minutes with high speed ICE sprinter for 73 Euro per trip and person in coach. Pre booked months before for just 29 Euro. Other way is though the Rhine valley which can take up to 2 hours, cost 19 to 49 Euro and you may spot some castles on the way.

    It may be much cheaper to fly to Frankfurt and take the train to Cologne. Flights from Austin to Frankfurt are about $750 USD booked early.

    Frankfurt/Main Airport

  • Airport Frankfurt/Hahn HHN

    A small airport sharing the name with Frankfurt, but 100 km away.

    If you get a cheap flight with Ryanair, this may be a way to go. But you need to book a bus trip from the airport to Koblenz, switch to the train and come to Cologne.

    It may be much cheaper to fly to Frankfurt and take the train to Cologne. Flights from Austin to Frankfurt are about $750 USD booked early.

    Frankfurt/Hahn Airport

🚅 Trains

The main station in Cologne has direct connections to a lot of places.

International direct connections to Amsterdam, Basel SBB, Bruxelles Midi, Luxembourg, Paris Nord.

From the main station you can enjoy a walk along the main shopping street to the hotel. Just pass the cathedral towers and walk south though Hohe Straße. After about one kilometer, you hit a bigger street named Pipinstraße where the hotel is. If you hit Heumarkt subway station, Augustinerstraße or Deutzer Brücke, please turn right and walk until the street is named Pipinstraße.

Special Train Offers

For our non European visitors (e.g. USA or Canada), we highly recommend to check the special offers from for you. For example within 30 days you can use a 3 day pass for just 188 Euro. You can start in Frankfurt/Main (most direct flights from there), take a direct train to cologne, stay there for the conference, take another train to Hamburg, enjoy a few days there and take a final train back to the airport in Frankfurt. Of course you can stay in Frankfurt another night and enjoy visiting German's financial capital.

German Rail Pass, Eurail Pass, Interrail


For cancellation of our training or conference days six months in advance, we offer 100% refund of the ticket prices.
Up to three months before 50%, one month before 25% and in September 2019 no more refunds. The hotel rooms need separate cancellation.

The whole event can be cancelled without giving reasons 4 months before and you will receive a full refund. e.g. when the minimum number of attendees is not reached. In case the event has to be cancelled later, we may refund you partially.

Register here

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