MBS Real Studio Plugins 10.0 - 19th January 2010

See also the documentation on new items.
  • Added WindowsScriptMBS class.
  • Added SpotLightFileInfoMBS and SpotLightTextContentMBS to folderitem class.
  • Added NSTimerMBS class.
  • Added UniversalCharacterDetectionMBS class.
  • Added Picture.ThreadedTransformMBS.
  • Added Folderitem SpotLightLoadMDImporterMBS.
  • Added MacGlobalIdleTimeMBS function.
  • Added JPEGExporterMBS.ExifData property.
  • Added HasMaxNumber, HasMinNumber, HasSliderMaxNumber and HasSliderMinNumber to CIAttributeMBS class.
  • Added writeToFile, writeToURL, arrayWithContentsOfFile and arrayWithContentsOfURL to CFArrayMBS.
  • Added new properties and constants for CURLMBS/CURLSMBS.
  • Added CFMutableArrayMBS Constructor for easier.
  • Added CFTimeZoneMBS Constructor.
  • Added CFAbsoluteTimeMBS Constructors.
  • Added MD5StringMBS function.
  • Added SystemInformationMBS.isWindows7.
  • Added Added longEraSymbols, quarterSymbols, shortQuarterSymbols, shortStandaloneMonthSymbols, shortStandaloneQuarterSymbols, shortStandaloneWeekdaySymbols, standaloneMonthSymbols, standaloneQuarterSymbols, standaloneWeekdaySymbols, veryShortMonthSymbols, veryShortStandaloneMonthSymbols, veryShortStandaloneWeekdaySymbols, veryShortWeekdaySymbols, weekdaySymbols to NSLocaleDateMBS.
  • Added Left, Top, Width and Height properties to QTChapterDataMBS class to define a custom rectangle.
  • Added MandelbrotSetMBS function.
  • Added Picture.isWhiteMBS.
  • Added Picture.isBlackMBS.
  • Added ZipFileInfoMBS.SetDate and corrected examples. Month was off by one.
  • Added SSHKey event to CURLMBS and CURLSMBS classes.
  • Added SetPathCAInfo, SetPathCAPath, SetPathCRLFile, SetPathIssuerCert and SetPathNetRCFile to CURLMBS and CURLSMBS classes.
  • Added ComboBox.NSComboBoxMBS and PopupMenu.NSPopUpButtonMBS.
  • Added NSAnimationMBS and NSAnimationContextMBS classes.
  • Added NSViewMBS.animator and NSWindowMBS.animator for Core Animation.
  • Added UUIDMBS.ValueHexString.
  • Added TabPanel.NSTabViewMBS.
  • Added NSTabViewItemMBS class.
  • Added NSTabViewMBS class.
  • Added JPEGExporterMBS.OptimizeCoding.
  • Added JPEGImporterMBS.ScaleFactor.
  • Added NSTextFieldMBS class.
  • Added NSImageCellMBS class.
  • Added NSImageViewMBS class.
  • Added NSStepperMBS class.
  • Added NSBoxMBS class.
  • Added more NSCellMBS methods.
  • Added ImageWell.NSImageViewMBS, Groupbox.NSBoxMBS, TextArea.NSTextViewMBS, Separator.NSBoxMBS, ProgressWheel.NSProgressIndicatorMBS, TextField.NSTextViewMBS, UpDownArrows.NSStepperMBS and Statictext.NSTextFieldMBS.
  • Added Cocoa support for Window.WindowProxyIconFileMBS, Window.ModifiedMBS, Window.CollapsableMBS, Window.CollapsedMBS, MenuBarHeightMBS, Window.IsZoomedMacMBS, Window.HasNoShadowMBS and Window.IgnoreClicksMBS.
  • Added NSViewMBS.classPath.
  • Updated ChartDirector to 5.0.2p2.
  • DynaPDF is now compiled with Visual C 2005 for better compatibility to Windows 64 bit.
  • Splitted Cocoa plugin into Cocoa and CocoaBase plugins. The Cocoa, QTKit, Leopard and SnowLeopard plugins require CocoaBase.
  • Changed addPage and setPage in IKSlideshowMBS class to use variants instead of PDFPageMBS to reduce plugin dependencies.
  • Changed GhostScriptMBS.UnloadAPI to work with Dylibs.
  • Changed all 4 folderitem.Volume*MBS size functions to return SInt64 now.
  • Changed folderitem.VolumeFreeSizeKBMBS and folderitem.VolumeSizeKBMBS functions to call internally to folderitem.VolumeFreeSizeMBS and folderitem.VolumeSizeMBS.
  • Changed folderitem.VolumeFreeSizeMBS and folderitem.VolumeSizeMBS functions to work with unicode pathes on Windows.
  • Changed BlockLen, BlockSize, Encoding, Len, ReplaceCount to Int64 in StringHandleMBS.
  • A few classes have now 64bit aligned data.
  • Removed DebugStr(), CFShow() and NSLog() calls from several plugins so you don't see log messages from the plugins on the console.
  • Moved FontActivateMBS and FontDeactivateMBS to Util plugin.
  • Removed ReadMessage and ReadMessageMemory functions from MacHIDMBS.
  • Removed GhostScriptMBS.LoadAPICodeFragment as this is from Mac OS Classic.
  • CURLMBS/CURLSMBS OptionSSLVerifyPeer is now an integer.
  • Merged NSView, NSWindow and NSResponder plugin parts. 225+127+168 ⇒ 397, saves 123 KB.
  • Merged NSGeometry, NSException, NSError and NSAutoreleasePool plugin parts. 57 + 61 + 57 + 70 = 86. Saves 159 KB.
  • Merged NSColorSpace and NSColor plugin parts. 147 + 74 = 164. Saves 57 KB.
  • Merged NSEvent, NSScreen and NSUndoManager to NSView. 397 + 106 + 78 = 401.
  • NSColorMBS.patternImage now declared as variant to avoid plugin dependencies.
  • CarbonEventsTimerMBS and CarbonEventsIdleTimerMBS now initialize in the constructor so the Create method is no longer needed.
  • Fixed a bug in ChartDirector leading to a crash if a chart has more than 46341 scatter points.
  • Fixed a bug with CIAttributeMBS.SliderMinNumber.
  • Fixed a bug with InstallWebPolicyDelegate and webviewMBS object.
  • Fixed a bug in the registration dialog boxes on Windows.
  • Fixed a crash in PHPMBS SetVariable if the php library is not loaded.

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