MBS Real Studio Plugins 10.5 - 18th October 2010

See also the documentation on new items.
  • Added ReadRGBMemoryBegin, ReadRGBMemoryEnd and ReadRGBMemoryStep to TiffPictureMBS class.
  • Added window.ConstrainWindowToScreen method.
  • Added SQLConnectionMBS.SetFileOption.
  • Added SQLDatabaseMBS.Option and SetFileOption methods.
  • Added new UnZipMBS Constructors for string and memoryblock.
  • Added ATSUTextLayoutMBS.SetHighlightingMethod as well as two constants for it: kInvertHighlighting and kRedrawHighlighting.
  • Added DynapdfPDFChoiceValueMBS class.
  • Added DynapdfMBS.GetFieldChoiceValue function.
  • Added LCMSMBS.CreateProfilePlaceholder.
  • Added DNSUtilMBS.LookupMT.
  • Added XMPFilesMBS.Constructor with Folderitem parameter.
  • Added XMPFilesMBS.OpenFile with Folderitem parameter.
  • Added classes for Drag & Drop on Windows: WinDataObjectMBS, WindowsDragSourceMBS and WindowsDropTargetMBS.
  • Added ColorSync classes for the new ColorSync APIs in Mac OS X 10.6: CSDeviceMBS, CSManagementModuleMBS, CSMutableProfileMBS, CSProfileMBS and CSTransformMBS.
  • Added CFErrorMBS and CFUUIDMBS classes.
  • Added new methods on ColorSyncWorldMBS and ColorSyncProfileMBS classes.
  • Added ColorSyncProfileSetItemMBS class.
  • Added new Constructor and GetCMMSignature to ColorSyncWorldMBS class.
  • Added ConvertMovieToFileTrack2 and ConvertMovieToFile2 to QTMovieExporterMBS class so you can get the folderitem for the saved file.
  • Added OverlayMBS.NSWindow to get the NSWindowMBS instance behind an overlay on Cocoa targets.
  • Added new methods to the HIViewMBS class: AccessibilityActionDescription, SetAccessibilityIgnored, IsAccessibilityIgnored and SetAuxiliaryAccessibilityDescriptionAttribute.
  • Added optional sample parameter to TiffPictureMBS Scanline and Scanlines.
  • Improved CFDictionary <-> Dictionary conversion to pass through CF objects.
  • DynaPDFMBS.InsertImage now supports console targets.
  • Updated FontActivateMBS to work with unicode pathes on Windows.
  • Split MacOSX plugin into two parts to reduce memory consumption on precompiling.
  • Changed compiler flags for Windows so some plugin parts include less debug information and run faster. This affects: SQL, Matrix, GraphicsMagick, Rockey2, DynaPDF, WindowsScript, WIA, ChartDirector5
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Updated SQLAPI++ to version 3.7.33 in the SQL Plugin part.
  • Updated JPEG Library to version 8b.
  • Updated tidy library to current version (18th September 2010).
  • Fixed a bug in CheckCache Plugin which leads to crashes.
  • Fixed crashes with corrupt GIF files.
  • Fixed crashes with corrupt TIFF files.
  • Fixed a bug with Graphicsmagick Plugin missing it's delegate config file.
  • Fixed a bug in the XLSDocumentMBS constructor.
  • Fixed DescriptionUnicode and NameUnicode on ColorSyncCMMInfoMBS class. The texts were too short.
  • Fixed memory leak in ColorSyncBitmapMBS.
  • Fixed DynaPDFMBS.GetMissingGlyphs.
  • Removed SQLGlobalsMBS functions to specify location of libraries. Now this is an option on the connection and works on Windows, too.
  • Rewrote the FileMappingMBS class and created a new FileMappingViewMBS class. Your code needs to be changed.
  • Removed isFileMappingAvailableMBS and isFileMappingPossibleMBS as they only return true on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. They were only relevant for Mac OS Classic.
  • Improved crash resitance for reading corrupt JPEG image from a string.
  • The ColorSync classes are now console safe.
  • TidyAttributeMBS and TidyNodeMBS classes have now properties instead of methods so you can see values in the debugger.

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