MBS Real Studio Plugins 13.5 - 17th December 2013

See also the documentation on new items.
  • Added BarcodeGeneratorMBS class.
  • Added ZintRender* classes so you can do vector drawing for barcode generator.
  • Added zxing classes for barcode recognition.
  • Added CipherMBS and DigestMBS using OpenSSL and various algorithms.
  • Added iTunes Library classes.
  • Added methods for Mac OS X 10.9:
  • Added nine new Linux WebKit classes for better control of HTMLViewer.
  • Added AccessibilityMBS.MakeAXValueFromCFRange function.
  • Added ACL* classes for Mac.
  • Added CF methods to CFImageSourceMBS and CGImageDestinationMBS classes so you can avoid extra conversion between CFDictionary and Xojo Dictionary.
  • Added EncodingNameMBS and TextEncoding.InternetNameMBS functions.
  • Added ExtendedAttributesMBS.LastErrorMessage.
  • Added GMImageMBS.strip.
  • Added JPEG 2000 support for GraphicsMagick on Mac OS X and Linux (was already there on Windows).
  • Added JSONMBS.SuffixObject method.
  • Added Listbox.InvalidateCellThreadSafeMBS.
  • Added MacUSBMBS constants for some errors.
  • Added MDQueryMBS.Results function.
  • Added more checks for SQL Plugin to raise exceptions if SQL commands or option names are empty, connection or command objects are nil when passed as parameter.
  • Added more events to IKImageEditPanelMBS class.
  • Added NetmaskIPv4 and NetmaskIPv6 to NetworkInterfacesMBS and a new merge option to not merge entries.
  • Added new Barcode plugin.
  • Added new constructor for NSLocaleNumberMBS and NSLocaleDateMBS class taking NSLocaleMBS.
  • Added NSBitmapImageRepMBS.CGImage.
  • Added NSRunLoopMBS class.
  • Added NSWindowControllerMBS class.
  • Added OptionTLSAuthPassword, OptionTLSAuthType and OptionTLSAuthUsername to CURLMBS/CURLSMBS classes.
  • Added passCIImage property to QTCaptureDecompressedVideoOutputMBS and changed LastFrame property and videoFrame parameter to variant.
  • Added private constructor for CGImageMBS and a couple of create functions.
  • Added scrollview to NSTextViewControlMBS.
  • Added some more drag and drop functions for Mac OS X 10.6 (e.g. draggingSourceOperationMaskForLocal event, dragImage method).
  • Added SQLPreparedStatementMBS.kTypeNumeric. Depending on the variant you pass, we either use Int64 or Double internally.
  • Added StyledText.RTFDataMBS as replacement for built-in RTFData property.
  • Added support to NikonLiveImageMBS class for modules 6, 8, 9 and 10.
  • Added TextArea.RTFDataMBS and NSTextViewMBS.RTFData properties to get/set RTF data on Mac OS X.
  • Added Trace events to SQLCommandMBS, SQLConnectionMBS and SQLGlobalsMBS.
  • Added Twain functions for AutomaticBrightness, Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Shadow and Highlight.
  • Added WindowsQOSMBS class.
  • Added WMIObjectMBS.LasterrorMessage.
  • Added yield parameters to Picture.BlurMBS, Picture.DrawPictureFMBS and Picture.ScalingMBS.
  • Changed ABAddressBookMBS to raise UnsupportedOperationException if addressbook is not available.
  • Changed PNG library and Graphicsmagick library to not throw exception in case of some warnings.
  • Changed QTMetadataItemMBS class to show properties in debugger.
  • Cleaned up some variant handling code. In most places we now also process now Currency, WString, CString, PString and CFStringRef variants correctly.
  • Deprecated InternetConfigMBS class and related classes.
  • Dropped NSMailDelivery and Apple80211framework plugin part.
  • First plugins build with Mac OS X 10.9.
  • Fixed a couple of memory leaks with HTMLviewer extensions on Windows.
  • Fixed AVFoundation plugin loading. (broken in pr3)
  • Fixed bug in NSParagraphStyleMBS.tabStops.
  • Fixed bug in SHA1MBS.Result function.
  • Fixed bug in SQL plugin with setting text parameter to SQLite prepared statement.
  • Fixed bug in writing zip archives on Windows with ZipFileMBS. Archives were bloated/corrupt.
  • Fixed bug with AESMBS class and CFB functions.
  • Fixed bug with GraphicsImporter plugin initialization on Windows.
  • Fixed bug with Recordset.ColumnType for our SQLDatabaseMBS class. Be aware that integer is reported as 3, double as 7 and numeric (used for Int64) as 19.
  • Fixed bugs with NSMutableParagraphStyleMBS class.
  • Fixed crash in NSAnimationMBS destructor.
  • Fixed creashes with CGImageSourceMBS.Create functions.
  • Fixed CURL on Windows to once again include SSL (broken in 13.4).
  • Fixed keyboard handling for NSSearchFieldControlMBS.
  • Fixed NetworkInterfaceMBS.BroadcastAddress property.
  • Fixed NSSearchFieldControlMBS tab order problem.
  • Fixed SHA256MBS.HashText and SHA512MBS.HashText function to not swap hex characters. If you used this function in 13.4/13.5 before this fix, your hashes will be swapped and you need to rehash.
  • Fixed Tiff plugin to load even when no Visual Studio 2008 runtime for Windows is installed.
  • Improved GetVariantArrayUboundMBS and GetVariantArrayValueMBS functions to handle more array types inside a variant.
  • Now loading CURL on demand in CURLMBS class on Mac and Linux to avoid hard linking it.
  • Reduced dependency on deprecated QuickTime framework.
  • Updated CoreWLAN classes with new methods, constants and properties.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Updated functions returning windows error messages to use Unicode.
  • Updated SQLAPI++ 4.1.2.

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