MBS Real Studio Plugins 14.0 - 4th February 2014

See also the documentation on new items.
  • Added AVFoundationMBS.WriteCGImageToFile method so you can write CGImage to file in a background thread and get an WriteCGImageToFileCompleted Event later.
  • Added CallDelegateOnMainThreadMBS method to easily call methods on main thread.
  • Added Cocoa implementation for OpenDialogMBS with new options.
  • Added Cocoa support for WindowHidden and WindowShown events in OverlayMBS class.
  • Added DynaPDFMBS functions for searching and highlighting of text.
  • Added DynaPDFMBS.SetFillColor and SetStrokeColor with color data type, so you can easier set RGB colors.
  • Added events TextDidBeginEditing, TextDidEndEditing and TextDidChange to NSControlMBS.
  • Added events textShouldBeginEditing, textShouldEndEditing, TextDidBeginEditing, TextDidEndEditing and TextDidChange to NSTextFieldControlMBS and NSSearchFieldControlMBS.
  • Added Fields and Parameters dictionary properties to SQLCommandMBS. This way you can inspect field and parameters in debugger.
  • Added flag methods for SignalHandlerMBS. This way you can have the signal catched, a flag set and later react on it.
  • Added GetVariantArrayMBS function.
  • Added GTKWindowMBS.SetIcon method.
  • Added InputData property to CURLMBS and CURLSMBS classes. So you can provide simple data for upload without Read event.
  • Added more exceptions to be raised if you call for example QuickTime functions on Linux.
  • Added NSButtonCellMBS class.
  • Added NSMenuMBS functions to get main, window or help menus.
  • Added OpenSSLMBS.ErrorString.
  • Added RaiseExceptions Property on SQLConnectionMBS class.
  • Added some functions to PictureMBS to handle 16bit grayscale pictures.
  • Added SQLCommandMBS.CommandCount and SQLConnectionMBS.ConnectionCount.
  • Added SQLValueMBS.setAsBytes method taking string.
  • Added SSH2 classes for doing SSH connections to remote computers.
  • Added support to window transparency functions for Linux.
  • Added Tag properties for SQLCommandMBS, SQLConnectionMBS and SQLDatabaseMBS.
  • Added VerifyEmailMBS function.
  • Added VLCMediaMBS.MediaWithData and VLCMediaMBS.MediaWithFile.
  • Added VLCMediaPlayerMBS.Tag property.
  • Changed CURL plugin to now call ClearData automatically before Perform to make sure buffers are cleared.
  • Changed linker flags on Linux to avoid collision with other version of same library in app memory. (e.g. png).
  • Changed methods to properties for AVMetadataItemMBS and NSCellMBS class.
  • Fixed a few cases in CIImageMBS methods where passing nil parameter may cause a problem.
  • Fixed ACLEntryMBS.GroupFromGID function.
  • Fixed bug in DarwinChmodMBS.chflags.
  • Fixed bug in DnayPDFMBS.RenderPDFFile.
  • Fixed bug in WindowsSerialPortsMBS class so it finds more devices.
  • Fixed bug where an object in variant conversion was seen as Memoryblock, but that was false.
  • Fixed console flags for AVFoundation, Picture and Barcode plugin so they compile on older Real Studio versions again for console target.
  • Fixed DarwinChmodMBS.Flags and Gen properties.
  • Fixed issue with registration engine for 64bit.
  • Fixed memory leak in MacUSBMBS class on closing.
  • Fixed memory leaks with CURL plugin when using FormFinish and SetOptionHTTPHeader methods.
  • Fixed problem in MacUSBMBS class where the device was not properly closed when no exclusive access was available.
  • Fixed RenderWebsiteImageMBS to avoid NSImageCacheException if image size would be 0/0. Now returns simply nil.
  • Fixed some framework references to be weak linked so the plugins works again on older Mac OS X versions.
  • Improved speed on SQL plugin for reading integers from SQLite databases. Much faster now!
  • No longer optimizes away stack frame pointers for linux, so stack traces are more readable.
  • Rewrote PermissionsMBS class with newer API. There is a switch to retain old behavior, but you should use newer one.
  • Tuned registration. The dialog for plugin version mismatch now shows also in debugger. And for built app it shows a warning which includes the tip to reinstall app.
  • Updated AVFoundation to Mac OS X 10.9 APIs. 400 new/updated functions.
  • Updated AVFoundation to use variant tags everywhere. Please try to avoid reference cycles.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Updated LibXL to version 3.5.4.
  • Updated MacHIDMBS class, so you now can send feature and output reports.
  • Updated most CURL examples to work better in Xojo with threads and avoid exceptions.
  • Updated some functions for 64bit: VolumeFreeSizeMBS, VolumeSizeMBS and GetDoubleClickIntervalMBS.
  • Updated SQL Plugin classes. Now much more properties, so you see values better in debugger. Some functions renamed and dropped Get in name as they are now properties. (changed 70 items)
  • Updated XMP library to version 5.5.

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