MBS Xojo Plugins 14.1 - 18th March 2014

See also the documentation on new items.
  • Added MapKit plugin.
  • Added LinuxProcessMBS class.
  • Added WinHTTPClientMBS class to detect proxy on Windows automatically.
  • Added BackColor and ForeColor properties for BarcodeGeneratorMBS class.
  • Added CFProxyMBS class to detect proxy on Mac.
  • Added CLLocationCoordinate2DMBS class.
  • Added DirectShowAMCrossbarMBS.PhysicalPinName, DirectShowCaptureGraphBuilderMBS.Crossbar and DirectShowAMCrossbarMBS.BaseFilter functions.
  • Added flags parameter to SystemInformationMBS.MachineID so you can decide what values are used.
  • Added LCMS2ContextMBS class for context information. Now you need to pass objects of this class instead of variant.
  • Added more CoreImage functions.
  • Added MYSQL_SECURE_AUTH option to SQL Plugin, so you can pass true/false to enable/disable secure authentication for connecting to MySQL server.
  • Added NSFileHandleMBS.AvailableBytes function.
  • Added NSPrintInfoMBS methods to redirect printing to a file with normal Xojo OpenPrinter command in Cocoa app.
  • Added RenderPageToImageMT function to raster PDF pages in preemptive thread.
  • Added SQLDatabaseMBS.RaiseExceptions property. By default SQLDatabaseMBS raises no exceptions, but SQLConnectionMBS does. With the properties on both you can switch to the opposite. In all cases we update error properties.
  • Added SQLDateTimeMBS Constructor, DateValue and Set method to work better with normal date objects.
  • Added SQLPreparedStatementMBS.Scrollable property.
  • Added VLCEventManagerMBS.Listen method.
  • Added WebSocketHelperMBS.Unmask parameter.
  • Added WindowsICMProfileMBS.CreateIccProfile function.
  • Changed GammaMBS for Mac, so you can have one GammaMBS object for each screen.
  • Changed NSIMage*MBS classes to have properties instead of methods, so you see something in debugger. Also added a few more methods.
  • Fixed a bug in PNG plugin with reading picture from string.
  • Fixed an issue where plugin would call QuickTime function on Windows where no QuickTime is available.
  • Fixed bug with printing on HTMLViewer. PrintingPageMBS function returned nil.
  • Fixed issue where GUI code was performed on thread causing a ThreadAccessingUIException. Workaround for feedback case 32738.
  • Fixed issue with HTMLViewer.PrintDialogMBS function, so it actually prints a second time.
  • Fixed problem with Graphicsmagick, so JPEG 2000 works again on Mac and Linux.
  • Fixed WindowsICMProfileMBS.CreateIccProfile function to load the Windows function WcsCreateIccProfile dynamically.
  • Improved CFBookmarkMBS module with new overloaded methods using CFURLMBS.
  • Improved event handling for CFSocket, Bonjour classes, FSEvents, Mac HID classes, IOIOPowerSourcesMBS and SleepNotificationMBS so it works better if you run it on a thread.
  • Rewrote SQLPreparedStatementMBS class. Now also taking binds on parameter name, not just index.
  • Updated DynaPDF library to version
  • Updated GammaMBS class to work on newer Macbooks with 1024 entries in the gamma table.
  • Updated LCMS2 library to version 2.6.

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