MBS Xojo Plugins 15.3 - 1st October 2015

See also the documentation on new items.

  • Added classes for OSAKit framework on OS X.
  • Added new 64-bit plugin for Mac covering Accounts, Social and EventKit classes.
  • Added new AVFoundation classes for Audio Units and Audio Engine.
  • Added new Mime Email parsing classes.
  • Added WiringPiMBS module.
  • Added a few more CALayerMBS properties and you can now assign either CGImageMBS or NSImageMBS for contents property.
  • Added AppReceiptMBS.creationDate, AppReceiptMBS.purchaseDate and AppReceiptMBS.transactionDate properties.
  • Added CGDisplayMBS CreateImageAsync.
  • Added example projects for viewing email files and an email client example.
  • Added gamma option to QTPictureMovieTrackMBS class
  • Added LCMS2StageMBS.CubeSize functions.
  • Added MimeEmailMBS.HTMLToPlainText function used to get plain text from html-only emails..
  • Added more properties to CGImageMBS and NSViewMBS classes.
  • Added more variants for LCMS2StageMBS.CreateStageWithCLut16bit and LCMS2StageMBS.CreateStageWithCLutFloat.
  • Added ShowDifferences function for DynaPDFMBS class.
  • Added variants of LCMS2StageMBS.CreateStageWithCLut16bitGranular/LCMS2StageMBS.CreateStageWithCLutFloatGranular for taking array or memoryblock. Clutpoints is now always an array.
  • Changed conversion code for CFDictionaries. CFData now translates to Memoryblock instead of String to work better in 64-bit apps.
  • Changed DarwinResourceUsageMBS.SystemTimeUsed and DarwinResourceUsageMBS.UserTimeUsed to doubles.
  • Fixed bug in HotKeyMBS with locks not being released and app blocked.
  • Fixed bug in PHP plugin which caused crash with phpinfo function.
  • Fixed bug with sending emails. Inline graphics were not embedded correctly.
  • Fixed ChartDirector license check for 64-bit.
  • Fixed linking issues on Linux 64-bit to make sure we use the zlib inside plugin instead of system version.
  • Fixed problem in CDAxisMBS class which causes memory leaks.
  • Fixed SystemInformation.CPUBrandString and SystemInformation.MachineID for 64-bit.
  • Recompiled LinuxARM stuff with older GCC version for better compatibility (now need libstdc++ 6.0.19 instead of 6.0.20).
  • Rewrote PHP plugin part to use PHP version 5.6.12 and work with 64-bit.
  • The internal SQLite library now includes the SQLite Encryption Extension.
  • Updated CURL to version 7.44.0.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Updated libcpuid.
  • Updated libXL to version 3.6.4.
  • Updated NSTaskMBS to have more properties and a Terminated event.
  • Updated openssl to 1.0.2d.
  • Updated SQLite to 3.8.12 alpha for the vacuum bug fix.
  • Updated VLC to version 2.2.1. The new functions are 64-bit only.

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