MBS Xojo Plugins 16.3 - 12th July 2016

See also the documentation on new items.

  • Added ColorTolerance parameter for DynaPDFMBS.ShowDifference.
  • Added Contacts classes for our Mac 64bit plugin.
  • Added DynaPDFOptimizeParamsMBS class for optimize command.
  • Added HTMLViewer.IEGetTextArea and HTMLViewer.IESetTextArea.
  • Added JSONMBS.IsValid property.
  • Added more properties to DirectShowVideoInfoHeaderMBS class.
  • Added Picture.CloneMBS variant with new mask.
  • Added PortMidiMBS.Initialize which you can call to initialize now. Or the plugin calls it internally on the first use of PortMidi.
  • Added SmartCard plugin.
  • Added SQLSelectMT and SQLExecuteMT methods to SQLPreparedStatementMBS class.
  • Added SSH2SessionMBS.UserAuthPublicKeyFromMemory.
  • Added userInterfaceLayoutDirection for NSMenu, NSApplication and NSCell.
  • Added WordFile properties and method to change markers.
  • Added WordFileMBS.MediaFile and WordFileMBS.MediaFiles.
  • Changed IORegistryMBS.Path to work for entries longer than 511 characters.
  • Changed LDAPMBS.Connect to not raise exception on Mac/Linux and simply return no error.
  • Changed things to support Xojo 2016r2.
  • Fixed a bug on Mac with FileListMBS.TrueItem. (from 16.2)
  • Fixed a bug with CFDictionary creation when Xojo reports wrong variant type in 64-bit.
  • Fixed a bug with cloning pictures with mask.
  • Fixed a problem with handling alpha channel pictures (Broken in 16.2)
  • Fixed bug for OverlayMBS class not creating a window on Windows 10.
  • Fixed bug in DynaPDFPageLabelMBS class.
  • Fixed issue in Archive classes with text encoding.
  • Fixed PortMidiDeviceInfoMBS Name property to correctly handle special characters on Mac.
  • Fixed RemoteControlMBS.MacTextForKeyCode for 64-bit.
  • Improved string access for all plugins.
  • The HASP Plugin can now load haspms32.dll optionally if near app.
  • Turned PPC back on for most plugins.
  • Updated LibArchive to version 3.2.1.
  • Updated to DynaPDF

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Release notes of all versions: Release notes.

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