Release notes for MBS Xojo Plugins 17.1 - 14th March 2017

See also the documentation on new items and Announcement in Blog.

  • Added Listbox example projects using NSTableControlMBS and NSOutlineControlMBS controls.
  • Added CURLN* classes for using built-in CURL library with native SSL on Mac and Windows.
  • Added ParseDateMBS function.
  • Added AllowsCharacterPickerTouchBarItem and AutomaticTextCompletionEnabled for touch bar to NSTextFieldMBS class.
  • Added AppendTableRow and DuplicateTableRow to WordFileMBS class.
  • Added CFObjectMBS.EncodedData.
  • Added CGImageMBS.PictureScaled to get picture scaled down faster.
  • Added convenience properties to NSTableControlMBS control.
  • Added DynaPDFStackMBS.FontHandle.
  • Added FrameChanged and BoundsChanged events to most Cocoa controls.
  • Added JPEGExporterMBS.ExportGray with memoryblock for pixel data.
  • Added KeyValueCodingMBS class.
  • Added LibraryLoaded property to DB2MBS, InformixMBS, MySQLMBS, PostgreSQLAPIMBS and SQLite3MBS.
  • Added more events to all controls.
  • Added new parameters for result to WinNotificationMBS.GotNotification.
  • Added NSColorMBS.Constructor for convenient color creation.
  • Added NSOutlineViewMBS, NSOutlineViewItemMBS and NSOutlineControlMBS for hierarchical Cocoa listbox.
  • Added NSPasteboardMBS.SetPasteboardItems.
  • Added NSPopUpButtonCellMBS and NSMenuItemCellMBS classes.
  • Added NSSortDescriptorMBS.compareObject.
  • Added NSTableControlMBS AcceptTabs property.
  • Added NSTableDataSourceMBS sortDescriptorsDidChange event.
  • Added NSTableRowViewMBS class and view based methods to NSTableViewMBS.
  • Added NSTableViewRowActionMBS class.
  • Added options to TiffPictureMBS.Scanlines to read only every nth scanline.
  • Added orderOut and orderFront to NSMediaLibraryBrowserControllerMBS class.
  • Added PortMidiEventMBS.CurrentEvent.
  • Added ResourcePropertyForKey and SetResourcePropertyForKey and a lot of keys to CFURLMBS class.
  • Added Running and Flags to NetworkInterfaceMBS class.
  • Added support for CEF3 beside CEF1.
  • Added WindowsProcessMBS class, a shell class replacement for Windows.
  • Added workaround to CoreLocation plugin to avoid bugs in 32-bit Apple frameworks.
  • Changed DarwinResourceUsageMBS and WindowsProcessMemoryInfoMBS to use 64-bit integers.
  • Changed NSTableControlMBS to use internal data source, so please implement the data source events there.
  • Changed plugin to show less registration warning dialogs in trial mode.
  • Fixed a bug in CNLabeledValueMBS failing to return phone number value.
  • Fixed a problem with DynaPDF's GetPageFieldEx function complaining about wrong structure size.
  • Fixed an issue with internal message window for Windows.
  • Fixed an issue with private API for Mac App Store in NSEPSImageMBS.
  • Fixed bug in email parsing with getting plaintext from html only emails. Skips CSS Styles.
  • Fixed bug in EmailParser.HTMLToPlainText.
  • Fixed CFBookmarkMBS.ResourcePropertiesForKeysFromBookmarkData to know keys.
  • Fixed HIDAPIMBS to better find libudev.
  • Fixed InternalPostgreSQLLibraryMBS, so it works again on Linux.
  • Fixed issue with LDAPMBS.Bind not working correctly on Windows for all auth methods.
  • Fixed issue with overwritten memory in Picture.SteganographyMBS function.
  • Fixed NetworkInterfaceMBS.MAC to no longer have a LF character on the end.
  • For the conversion to NSObject* or CFTypeRef from variant we now consider Ptr to be a valid object pointer and expect you know what you are doing!
  • Improved WinNotificationMBS to handle events for painting better, so we draw background for MDI Window.
  • Removed AppleTalk properties for SystemConfigurationMBS as they are no longer available in macOS 10.12.
  • Removed CUPSMBS.GetPPD function.
  • Removed RegisterCustomQTDataHandlerMBS and OpenMovieWithCustomDataHandlerMBS.
  • Split CURLEmail classes into own plugin part, so it can stay as CURLEmailMBS and used with all CURL variants.
  • Updated CURL library to version 7.53.1
  • Updated CURLMBS classes to match CURLSMBS classes.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Updated SQLite to 3.17.0.
  • Updated Tidy plugin to current tidy library version: 5.3.15.
  • Updated to current PortMidi library version.

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Release notes of all versions: Release notes and Announcement in Blog.

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