MBS Real Studio Plugins New in version 8.0

See also the documentation on new items.
  • Updated to dynapdf
  • Added OptionTTLMBS, OptionTOSMBS and OptionMulticastTTLMBS properties to SocketCore class. Also added ClearOptionsMBS method.
  • Added BarcodeScannerMBS.mode property.
  • Added SystemInformationMBS module. Some global functions are not duplicated inside that module and will later be removed. So switch to the module soon.
  • Added BarcodeScannerMBS class.
  • OSVersionStrMBS and OSNameMBS improved to cover more windows versions.
  • Added NSOperationMBS and NSOperationQueueMBS classes. Nice multithreading for Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Added HTMLViewer.dashboardBehaviorMBS and WebViewMBS.dashboardBehaviorMBS to set a few options for the webview behavior.
  • Now using Ubuntu 6.06 LTS for compiling Linux plugins instead of Ubuntu 7.x. That should move libc to version 2.3 instead of 2.4 for better compatibility.
  • Added new ScalingMBS mehtod to the Picture class with several nice scaling alogrithms.
  • Added to NSButtonMBS class: keyEquivalentModifierMask.
  • Added to NSControlMBS class: alignment, attributedStringValue, selectedtag, ignoresMultiClick and events for Action, Open, Close, textShouldBeginEditing and textShouldEndEditing.
  • Added to NSViewMBS class: addSubview, removeFromSuperview and wantsLayer.
  • Added FlushAllWindows, FlushAllWindowsForAllProceses and FlushAllWindowsForAllOtherProceses to CGSConnectionMBS class.
  • Updated tidy library to version 1.2.
  • Added DNSServiceRegisterRecordMBS class.
  • Added AddTextRecord and RemoveRecord to DNSServiceRegisterMBS.
  • Added Picture.TrimMBS and TrimWithMaskMBS.
  • Added PDFPageMBS.PDFPageMBS constructor and drawRect event to draw PDF pages in code.
  • Added FileListMBS.TrueItem.
  • Added SleepNotificationMBS class.
  • Added CurrentEffectiveUserID, CurrentUserID and CurrentGroupID to darwin user and group classes.
  • Added new PDFDocumentMBS constructor to create a new empty document.

More details in the Release notes.

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