MBS Real Studio Plugins New in version 8.6

See also the documentation on new items.
  • The darwin* classes are now console safe.
  • Fixed most plugin projects to run with RB 2007r5.
  • Added PHPMBS.Loaded and fixed a possible crash in the constructor.
  • Updated PCRE (RegEx) to version 7.8.
  • Added DrawInto support to ButtonMBS control.
  • Added OverlayMBS class.
  • Fixed bug in AudioStreaming functions with ClearBuffer=true. (PortAudio and CoreAudio)
  • Fixed a bug in the PortAudio ASIO handling so it works now.
  • Fixed remoteControlMBS.winmoveMouse coordinates.
  • The SparkleMBS class now shows a deprecation warning when you run it in the debugger.
  • Fixed a memoryleak in the Screenshot functions on Windows.
  • Added NSViewMBS.Constructor for using a handle property.
  • Added NSResponderMBS.handle property.
  • Rewrote IKSlideShow class fixing the bugs.
  • Added Sparkle 1.5b6 support using a new plugin part. So instead of the SparkleMBS class use the SUUpdaterMBS class.
  • Added ProcessMBS.TransformToForegroundApplication to convert a background application to a foreground application on Mac OS X.
  • Added more TextViewMBS methods.
  • Added TextStorageMBS class.
  • The folderitem.Icon* functions now get the 8bit alpha masks on Windows if they exists. Falls back to old code with one bit mask on error.
  • On Windows the libcurl.dll is no longer embedded. Please deliver this DLL with the SSL DLLs with your app.
  • CURL functions will now raise functions in addition to setting lasterror to -1.
  • Added CURLNotInitializedExceptionMBS class.
  • Added CURLMissingFunctionExceptionMBS class.
  • Fixed crash in QTKitTimeMBS.timevalue getter.
  • Fixed CreateExtGState.
  • Some Addressbook class methods are now shared methods.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Fixed a leak in the QTGrabberMBS class.
  • Added a few more CoreGraphics functions.
  • Added NSStringCompareMBS function.
  • As of today all plugins are weak linked, so they should load fine on Mac OS X 10.3.9. Changes were made to PortAudio, CGImage, CGDisplay and QuartzFilter.
  • The Quartzfilter plugin does no longer crash on Mac OS X 10.3/10.4. Quartz Filters APIs do not exist there so the function return nil.
  • Fixed a bug with the movie.AddTimeCodeToMovieMBS function.
  • Fixed the PortAudio ASIO bug on Windows, so I can include the ASIO interface.
  • Moved the Font plugin from Util to MacOSX plugin part to avoid problems when RB loads the plugins.
  • Added more to the FontMBS class.
  • Added CopyMaskMBS, CopyPictureWithMaskMBS and CopyPictureWithoutMaskMBS to the picture class.
  • Made some internal changes on the ATS and Font classes and added some conversion functions.
  • Reworked parts of the CoreGraphics classes.
  • Added NSColorSpaceMBS class.
  • Added NSCursorMBS class.
  • Added CGDisplayMBS.Info function to get an information dictionary for a display.
  • Fixed htmlviewer.RenderWebsiteImageMBS.
  • Removed height and height from the dynapdf rect classes as you need to caluclate them yourself depending on the page origin. (the properties returned wrong values for some customers)
  • Fixed a bug in CGCreateImageMBS where it returns nil on certain circumstances.
  • Added CGCreateImageMBS with one parameter which uses the mask from the given image.
  • Fixed a leak in the CDDataSetMBS class.
  • Added new methods for NSWindow/NSView/WebView for better transparency.
  • Added new NSColor functions to get system colors.
  • Moved the print methods from webview into the WebPrintMBS class.
  • Added new WebPrintMBS class.
  • Added ZipMBS and UnzipMBS to handle zip files.
  • Added QuarzFilter classes.
  • Added more methods and classes to the DynaPDF plugin.
  • Added new methods to the MacHIDMBS to send and receive messages which take a report ID parameter.

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