MBS Real Studio Plugins New in version 8.7

See also the documentation on new items.
  • Added scale functions to the PictureMBS class.
  • Fixed bugs with the plugin creating CGColorMBS and CGColorSpaceMBS object.
  • Moved the NSAffineTransformMBS class from the Cocoa plugin to the MacOSX plugin. This removes the dependency between the plugins.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in an older 8.7pr about DynaPDF failing to open/create pdf files on Windows.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • The ThreadMBS class now works with RB 2008r5.
  • Added BlendPicturesWithMaskWithBackgroundMBS function.
  • Added PictureCopyPixelFastMBS method.
  • MidiPlaybackMBS now works with reverb and has now a Constructor instead of an Init method.
  • Optimized and enhanced BlendPicturesMBS and BlendPicturesWithMaskMBS.
  • Added more NSEventMBS methods.
  • Added WinExceptionMBS class.
  • Added OverlayMBS.IgnoreMouseClicks property.
  • Added new MidiPlaybackMBS properties.
  • The OverlayMBS window will not activate on Windows if you order this in the constructor.
  • Instead of PictureEditorMBS we have now PictureEditor24MBS and PictureEditor32MBS for 24 bit and 32 bit pictures.
  • OverlayMBS.show will on windows now show the window without activating it if you use NoActivate on the constructor.
  • Improved the loading speed of the AFP, Accessibility, CGS, CoreAudio, MacOSX, DiscRecording, Rendezvous, RendezvousOld, Main, PortMidi, ChartDirector, DynaPDF, QuartzFilter and PortAudio plugin parts for the IDE.
  • Added PNGOptimizerMBS class.
  • Added window.InvalidateShadowMBS method.
  • Added UsesInternalRever property to the MidiPlaybackMBS class.
  • Fixed a bug in the JavaVMMBS class where the last option was not passed to the VM.
  • Added exit and abort handlers for the Java plugin parts. So if you crash the java vm, it should show an error message.
  • Added AESMBS.Encrypt and AESMBS.Decrypt functions with memoryblock offsets.
  • Changed QTDataHandler.OpenMovieWithCustomQTDataHandlerMBS parameters so we can now test it with and without encryption.
  • Changed CMProfileMBS.SaveProfile to take a folderitem instead of a string.
  • Changed CMProfileMBS MediaWhitePoint and MediaBlackPoint so you can now assign a new point.
  • Fixed QuickLookMBS function to no longer crash on Mac OS X 10.3/10.4.
  • Updated to Zonik KRM 1.0.8 for Intel Mac OS X. PPC targets stay with 1.0.7.
  • Improved JPEGImporterMBS.Mode to run better with ModeRGB and added ModeGray.
  • Added new parameter to OverlayMBS constructor to create non activating windows.
  • Added PictureMBS class in the LargePicture Plugin.
  • Fixed a bug in the phidget event handling.
  • StdInMBS and StdOutMBS are now console safe.
  • Added movie.NextInterestingVideoTimeWithFlagsMBS.
  • Added NSMenuMBS.EnableMenuItems event.
  • Added Linux support for Java classes.
  • Added IOPMMBS class to get and set power manager options on Mac OS X.
  • Added GWorldPixelDataMBS and GWorldPixelRowBytesMBS.
  • Added CMSetAlarmCodesMBS and CMGetAlarmCodesMBS functions.
  • Added PNG save options to use Interlace and Filter.
  • Updated to PNG library version libpng-1.2.33
  • Fixed a leak in the CGDisplayListMBS destructor.
  • Renamed CGGetActiveDisplayList to CGGetActiveDisplayListMBS.
  • Sparkle Cocoa plugin is now more thread safe.
  • Added some tiff methods for custom tags.
  • Added UseCocoaMemoryDebugMBS method.
  • Added MacHIDMBS.DeviceRemoved event.
  • Added CURLMBS.LoadErrorString.
  • Fixed path problem on Windows with wrong encoding in folderitem.icon*MBS functions and others.
  • Fixed leak in the RegistryMBS class.
  • Added OverlayMBS.Close.
  • OverlayMBS.WindowClosed event is now called from the destructor.
  • OverlayMBS.alpha works on Windows now.
  • OverlayMBS mouse coordinates are now window relative on Mac OS X.
  • OverlayMBS has now a Close method which calls the destructor directly.
  • Fixed a crash in CGPDFDocumentMBS.GetInfo with Mac OS X 10.3.9.
  • A few more classes are now console safe including Carbon Events and IORegistry.

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