New in version 9.1

MBS Real Studio Plugins 9.1 - 10th February 2009

See also the documentation on new items.
  • Added UniMotionMBS module to detect movements of a Mac.
  • Fixed compatibility problem with REALbasic 5.
  • Added PictureMBS.ApplyMatrix.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Added more methods for NSControlMBS, NSEventMBS, NSScrollerMBS and NSTableViewMBS.
  • Added NSIndexSetMBS and NSMutableIndexSetMBS classes.
  • Added StrCompBinaryMBS.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version Fixes font handling with importing pages.
  • Added more Scripting functions.
  • Added more NSLocaleMBS functions.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version Fixes font handling.
  • Added new methods for SBElementArrayMBS.
  • Added TextEdit Scripting classes.
  • Added Constructors for Scripting classes.
  • Fixed some CURLMBS bugs, so properties like OptionMaxSendSpeedLarge work now.
  • Added folderitem.IsBundleMBS function.
  • Added AES128 and AES256 encryption to DynaPDF.
  • Added new NSLocaleMBS functions to query all localizations for all countries.
  • Added new WinLocalizationMBS functions and constants to get details for all countries.
  • Added new image formats for PictureMBS.
  • Added OverlayMBS.MouseDragged.
  • Added PictureMBS.Rotate270, PictureMBS.Rotate, PictureMBS.Rotate180 and PictureMBS.Rotate90.
  • Added SBElementArrayMBS.addObject.
  • Added Scripting classes for Pages, Keynote, Numbers and the Finder.
  • Fixed a bug with reading PNG in 9.0/9.1 plugins with interlaced png images.
  • Added new MacScripting plugin part to control the following applications: Addressbook, SystemPreferences, Base, FileMaker, GarageBand, iCal, iChat, iDVD, iPhoto, iTunes, Mail and Safari.
  • Added PictureMBS.Rotate180.
  • Added PictureMBS.DebugPicture and PictureMBS.DebugPictureEnabled.
  • Added new modes to JPEGImporterMBS: ModeRGBbyRow, ModeCMYKbyRow and ModeGraybyRow. Using this modes you can load JPEG files row by row into a memoryblock.
  • Added folderitem.MacIsHardLinked.
  • Added NSRectMBS class.
  • Added NSPointMBS class.
  • Added NSSizeMBS class.
  • Fixed bug in Picture.CountColorMBS.
  • Added Picture.AutoLevelMBS variant to change pixels without making a copy.
  • Added PictureMBS.AutoLevel.
  • FileListMBS is now 64bit clean and lost FSSpec and support for Mac OS 8.x.
  • The NSDictionary to Dictionary conversion now handles integer data types better.
  • Renamed CGAffineTransformIdentity to CGAffineTransformIdentityMBS.
  • Renamed CGAffineTransformMake to CGAffineTransformMakeMBS.
  • Renamed CGAffineTransformMakeTranslation to CGAffineTransformMakeTranslationMBS.
  • Renamed CGAffineTransformMakeScale to CGAffineTransformMakeScaleMBS.
  • Renamed CGAffineTransformMakeRotation to CGAffineTransformMakeRotationMBS.
  • Added NodeID, ParentDirectoryID, LastAccessDate, BackupDate and AttributeModificationDate to FileListMBS class.
  • Updated ModificationDateMBS and CreationDateMBS (in folderitem class) to use newer APIs.
  • Added BackupDateMBS, AttributeModificationDateMBS, AccessDateMBS, MacNodeIDMBS and MacParentDirectoryIDMBS to folderitem class.
  • Added TCMPortMapperMBS, TCMPortMappingMBS and TCMPortMappingArrayMBS classes for use with TCMPortMapper.framework.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with RB 2005r2 and 2007r2.
  • Added more methods to the JavaDatabaseMetaDataMBS class.
  • Added PortAudioStreamRecorderMBS class.
  • Fixed a leak in the PNG file handling.
  • Removed some debug outputs in the Cocoa exception handling.

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