MBS Real Studio Plugins New in version 9.4

See also the documentation on new items.
  • Added QTTrackMBS.UserData.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Added PortMidi constants and console support.
  • Added NSSoundMBS class.
  • CGDocumentMBS now does no longer show deprecation messages on the console if you use the page rotation and box methods.
  • Added ChangeSaturationMBS, ReplaceRedChannelMBS, ReplaceGreenChannelMBS and ReplaceBlueChannelMBS to Picture class.
  • Added Stop, Start and isRunning to MidiPlaybackMBS class.
  • Added out of bounds exceptions to FileListMBS class.
  • Renamed MacIsHardLinked function in folderitem class to MacIsHardLinkedMBS.
  • Added PortMidiMBS.ReInitialize.
  • Added FeatureReportByteLength, OutputReportByteLength, LasterrorString and InputReportByteLength to WinHIDMBS class.
  • Added WebViewMBS.LoadRequest and HTMLViewer.LoadRequest.
  • Fixed tm and ctm properties in DynapdfPDFStackMBS to return a matrix.
  • Added frame and bounds to NSViewMBS.
  • Added NSMakePointMBS, NSMakeSizeMBS amd NSMakeRectMBS.
  • Updated SQLAPI to sqlapi-3.7.28 final
  • Added AES mode to OpenMovieWithCustomQTDataHandlerMBS.
  • Added MatrixDongleMBS module.
  • Added MemoryblockMBS.Resize method.
  • Added FlipVertically parameter to MemoryblockRGBAtoPictureMBS function. Send feature request if you need this parameter for other functions there.
  • Fixed a crash with RFID Phidget Tag event.
  • Added NSColorMBS.colorValue
  • Added constructor to ZLibDecompressMBS and ZLibcompressMBS class to specify the output buffer size.
  • Added flush parameter to ProcessZip methods in ZLibDecompressMBS and ZLibcompressMBS classes.
  • Fixed input buffer to now use the string you pass with any size in the ZLibDecompressMBS and ZLibcompressMBS classes.
  • Midi and MidiPlayback plugin parts now initialize QuickTime.
  • Added OverlayMBS.WindowGroupHandle.
  • Added Window.WinAnimateWindowMBS.
  • Added OverlayMBS.WinAnimateWindow.
  • Added OverlayMBS.MacTransitionWindow.
  • Added smartInsertDeleteEnabled, ContinuousSpellCheckingEnabled and Editable properties to WebViewMBS class.
  • Added EncryptCBC, DecryptCBC, EncryptCFB, DecryptCFB, EncryptString and DecryptString to AESMBS class.
  • Fixed MidiPacketMBS.TimeStampValue.
  • Fixed ATSUStyleMBS.size property.
  • Fixed a crash when assiging a SQLConnectionMBS to a SQLCommandMBS.connection property.
  • SQLDatabaseMBS is now console safe.
  • Added PNGReaderMBS.ReadICCProfile and PNGReaderMBS.ReadsRGBTag.
  • Added PNGWriterMBS.SetICCProfile and PNGWriterMBS.SetsRGB.
  • Added PictureMBS.RowInFormat with alpha inverting.
  • Updated to PDFLib 7.0.4.
  • Updated to libpng 1.2.33
  • Updated to libxml 2.7.3.
  • Updated XMP Toolkit to version 4.4. This adds new methods/classes.
  • Updated LCMS Library to version 1.18a.
  • fixed a bug with DynaPDF string handling.
  • Added WebPreferencesMBS.usesPageCache.
  • Added WebPreferencesMBS.cacheModel.

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