MBS Real Studio Plugins 9.6 - 15th September 2009

See also the documentation on new items.
  • Added CoreLocation classes: CLLocationMBS and CLLocationManagerMBS.
  • Added OpenCLMBS module.
  • Added Spotlight search classes MDQueryMBS and MDItemMBS.
  • Added Rockey2MBS class for Rockey 2 dongles.
  • Added GZipFileMBS.OpenString
  • Added Window.WinTopMostWindowMBS.
  • Added grammar functions for NSSpellCheckerMBS.
  • Added ResultAsStringArray and ResultDisplayString to AppleScriptMBS class.
  • Added constants to CURLMBS.
  • Added MouseEnter and MouseExit events to OverlayWindowMBS class.
  • Added CGWindowListCreateCGImageMBS method.
  • Added ResultID and ScriptID to AppleScriptMBS.
  • Added more methods to NSAffineTransformMBS, NSLocaleMBS, NSResponder, NSError and NSCursor.
  • Added NSScreenMBS class.
  • Added DynaPDFMBS.ConvColor method.
  • Added SetColorMap and GetColorMap to TiffPictureMBS class.
  • Added more CoreImage filter for Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Added RegistrationEngineMBS.Platform property.
  • Added NSRangeMBS class.
  • Added ChartDirector methods which take arrays of date objects to make usage easier.
  • Added ProcessMBS functions to query path of Windows processes.
  • Added boolean return values to Carbon Windows Events so you can return true and tell the system you handled the event.
  • Plugins now include code for Cocoa targets.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Updated NSLocaleMBS for SnowLeopard.
  • Fixed problems with CocoaControlMBS and WebViewControlMBS.
  • Fixed some autorelease pool console messages for Sparkle Cocoa plugin.
  • Removed MacScripting part as it does not work correctly and makes too much work on Snow Leopard.
  • Changed a lot of Cocoa methods to use NSRectMBS, NSRangeMBS, NSSizeMBS and NSPointMBS instead of simple values.
  • Removed InitializeCocoaMBS, DisableGarbageCollectorMBS, EnableGarbageCollectorMBS, UseCocoaMemoryDebugMBS and InitializeCocoaMBS.
  • Removed NSLocaleStringArrayMBS, NSSpellCheckerStringArrayMBS, CIStringArrayMBS, PDFStringArrayMBS, PDFSelectionArrayMBS, PDFAnnotationArrayMBS and PDFPageArrayMBS class. Now we use REALbasic arrays.
  • Changed memory management for Cocoa. Now a NSAutoreleasePool is placed on start and you need to keep an eye on the pools yourself. RB 2009r4 does it automatically. Report if you see a big leak with Cocoa objects.
  • Fixed GrowIconMBS class (no longer crashes in event).
  • Setting NSStatusItemMBS.Image should not leak any more.
  • OpenMacOSXPreferencesPaneMBS now works with preferences panes in Library and User Library folder, too.
  • Fixed a bug in WindowsFolderChangeMBS when using more than 1000 objects.
  • Fixed a memory leak in NSImageMBS.InitWithPicture.
  • The plugin now keeps a list of Cocoa objects so the plugin can return you the same REALbasic object for the same Cocoa object.
  • Removed NSSpellCheckerRangeMBS. Now using NSRangeMBS class.
  • Changed SpellChecker code. You need to change your code.
  • IKSlideShowMBS works on Snow Leopard now.
  • PictureReaderMBS/PictureWriterMBS/PictureEditorMBS now work on Cocoa.
  • CocoaControlMBS should now work for Cocoa target.
  • PNG plugin is now more console friendly.
  • Compiled now with minimum support Mac OS X version being 10.4. Still over 90% of the plugins work on Mac OS X 10.3.9 but you need to test yourself.

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More details in the Release notes.

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